Transparent sofa made from polycarbonate sheet belongs in a sci-fi billionaire’s duplex

Looking at the Spark Sofa, you’re hit with a wave of feelings. It looks incredibly eye-catching, like a brilliant gem… but there’s something un-furniture-like about it. It looks hard, although the curved design gives the impression of comfort. You want to try sitting on it, but you’re also scared of breaking it. The Spark Sofa, however, comes crafted from a thick polycarbonate sheet (the same material used in riot shields), so you can rest assured that even though it looks fragile, it’s far from it. However, if there ever was a sofa worthy of being called a true ‘accent piece’, this would easily be it.

Designer: Wang Jun

Even though the sofa is made from a hard material, the Spark benefits from its soft forms that create this interesting contrast that makes it such an eye-grabber. While most sofas boast of bulky forms that occupy a lot of visual real estate, the Spark Sofa is entirely see-through, making it an interesting addition to a room. It doesn’t add weight to your space, but still dominates it, making it perfect for minimalist interiors. The transparent, gem-like design definitely sets it apart as a premium piece of furniture too – hence the reference to the billionaire bachelor pad. The fact that it’s made from plastic makes it perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor placement.

The Spark Sofa comes with a two-piece design. The base, which consists of a horseshoe-shaped curved piece of plastic, and the seat, which nests within a cutout in the base. The polycarbonate material can take on a significant amount of load without really showing signs of stress, although you may want to avoid wearing too much metal so as to prevent scratching the sofa. Any minor scratches or scuffs could easily be buffed out, though.

The Spark Sofa is a Gold Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.