Not a Mug, A Chair

I couldn’t stop thinking “Una-Mug” when I first saw this project. That’s not the name at all! It’s called “Umarmung,” and it’s basically a floor-level-chair. Sort of defeats the purpose, yes? No way! This project is inspired by the ancient tradition of floor-sitting culture in Japan. During research, the designers were surprised to find that the only similar product to theirs was the zaisu chair (legless chair) of the tatami room.

It’s important to mention that the designers keep the idea that in this tradition, the connection between the body during conversation is not restricted to “universal seat height and conventional definition of the sofa.” You couch potatoes pay attention!

Umarmung, also known as the floor-sitting couch, is basically a backrest that supports the body in many comfortable positions while that person is sitting on the floor. Umarmung is shaped in a way that accepts the body either sitting up or leaning back. Made of reinforced polyester resin with steel support. Cover is eco-friendly flame-retardant polyurethane foam.

BONUS: “The process adopts the latest variable pressure foaming (VPF) technology. It minimizes the environmental impact as it is virtually emissions-free.”

Designer: Cheungvogl

Umarmung floor sofa by Cheungvogl





  • Good hair, the chair looks nice, no padding?

  • brack says:

    a lot of chair for one person.

  • Julia says:

    i like it, i just think one would be skidding down a lot, maybe something for your feet too stop you, like in a bathtub

  • Yep a lot of sliding would be going down,
    maybe they need to supply rubber soled shoes with it?

    • widepers says:

      yes, but all the sliding will create a ton of static electricity (look at the first picture 🙂 ) which could be further harvested and re-used. awesome.
      I really like it

  • ryan says:

    “Umarmung” = “hug” in German. =)

  • YesOkayAwesome says:

    oh i love this! artsy fartsy, impractical, but definitely belongs in modern mansions and design museums!

  • Chris J says:

    Wow, hate this.

    You don’t actually sit in the chair, because you can’t, you just squat in front of it.

    Completely worthless design. Form follows Function. This has no function to follow.

    This makes Apple products look like the bridge of the Enterprise.


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