Audible Adorable

There’s a reason most musical instruments are still made of wood. Sounds emanating from resonating wood are not only incredibly clear, but also have a naturally pleasing effect. Most Hi-fi home theaters and studio-grade audio equipment have a wooden construction too, but the M2 speaker by Celia & Perah is probably the first and only portable Bluetooth speaker to be constructed from solid wood.

The M2 fits in the palm of your hand, but boasts of a performance that no speaker of its size can match up to. Most of its fidelity can be credited to the wooden body. Wood requires craftsmanship, and isn’t easy to mass-produce, which is why most speakers opt for a plastic cabinet design. The M2 focuses on quality, rather than quantity, partnering with wood craftsmen having decades of experience to give the M2 its crafted-to-perfection, solid beech wood cabinet. Under the hood sit two full-range neodymium drivers, responsible for churning out crystal clear audio with immaculate bass, mid and treble. Two passive radiators on the top and bottom accentuate the bass, making your audio sound richer and larger than life. Definitely larger than the M2!

The M2’s design is more understated than minimal. It flexes its muscles as an audio device, but on the design front, it takes on a subtle aesthetic that allows it to blend in any interior. The wooden cabinet is completely hand-crafted and is available in three classy colors (beech, caramel, and walnut). The drivers sit on the front with the branding etched in between, almost giving it the impression that your M2 has a face. This, coupled with its small size makes the M2 speaker instantly likeable. Its rectangular design makes it easy to keep clean while also making it look fitting on any mantelpiece. The M2 even comes with NFC pairing and the NFC logo engraved on the top to indicate where to tap one’s phone to instantly connect it for some high fidelity, full-range audio action!

Designer: Richard Lin of CELIA & PERAH

BUY IT HERE: $169.00 $249.00