Keep an eye on the stove!


You know… Problem solving’s actually the easy bit. Problem finding is incredibly tough. Honestly that’s what design is really about. Finding the right problem to solve. The 55° MirrorHob seems like a regular stove, but one small design detail uplifts its user experience. I’m talking about that v-shaped reflective element between the two stovetops.

When you place a utensil on top of any stove, it automatically blocks your view of the flame, and to check the intensity of the flame, or to see whether it’s on or not, you need to bend down to look below the utensil. A problem so ridiculously silly we just overlooked it as a minor inconvenience. The MirrorHob just places a reflective piece in a strategic position that allows us to see if the flame is on or not, at eye level. Simple, isn’t it?!

Designers: Liu Zhongliang, Fang Shi, Zhou Jian, Yu Hongfei & Wu Yanyan.