Spindly Legs

The Spinning Coffee Table is a misnomer since it’s the legs that actually spin. Designed to be fun yet functional, each leg is made of up blocks supported by a center rod. The blocks come in all sorts of colors and shapes. Make the table as high or low as you want. It’s totally eco-friendly too because it’s made of reclaimed materials like wood, plastic, and paper.

What would have been really cool is if I could play Jenga with those spindly legs.

Designer: Hongtao Zhou


  • cha0tic says:

    AAArrrghhhh. This would drive me mad. I’d have to turn all the bits so they made a neat pattern, It’d be like seeing a picture askew on a wall.

  • ConcepTrends says:

    The table looks nice but the legs are a bit weird. What about the stability?

  • lifeisfurniture says:

    HA : ) glad to see my design here

    cha0tic, yes, it is tricky that you have to play it so that you can make a right pattern : )

    ConcepTrends, I tested the structure with static load , the stability depends on the screw type and the block surface size. And I found out 1/4 ‘ steel T-nut & screw and blocks of 3’by3’ met the coffee table standard. If more strength needed, in increase the screw diamiter or the block size.

    All these materials are from a trash can in a woodshop……..materials are wasted everyday

  • Christine says:

    It’s definitely an interesting concept, to be able to personalize your own table. I do agree that this would drive me mad and I can’t really imagine an environment where this table would fit.

  • Really similar to my UnsTable concept, which has featured in dozens of design websites a few months ago…even the color is the same.

  • Rono says:

    It’s not the best looking but it looks fun. ‘Cept, I’d be annoyed with all the pieces and just throw them all out the window.

  • charlotte says:

    if u could play jenga wouldnt the table fall over as well, lol

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