Specialized Quarters For Your Plant

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, without soil; and the Eve Lamp here allows you to do just that. It may seem a bit frivolous to have a dedicated home just for a single plant, but those with serious green-thumbs will probably appreciate this. It’s ideal for plants like herbs and salads and even Venus fly traps! Besides lookin pretty on a table-top, the lamp comes with an indicative system to let you know how caring you have been towards the greens.

The top half of the lamp comes off so that you can give the plant some natural light. But in case you’ve placed the pot in a dingy corner, you can switch on the 6 LEDs to provide the same. When the plant is low on water, a blue light comes on to indicate it and when it’s hungry for some nutrients, the red light glows. You can load in the nutrients (either tablet or liquid form) and water via the hole covered by the cork bung.

Like I said earlier, you may think it’s too much of a trouble for just one plant, but going by the aesthetics and visual appeal, it doesn’t seem too bad a concept.

Designer: Alex Ward

Eva Lamp For Plants by Alex Ward