For The Weary Traveler

The frequent traveler knows having the right accessories can keep a trip from becoming a disaster. Neck pillows are notorious for promising more than they deliver. However something high-tech like the Digital Neck Pillow is worth exploring. Its supposed to be soft and temperature controlled and with gimmicks like an integrated MP3 player and digital sunglasses. Perfect to keep you entertained or lull you to sleep. I want one!

Designers: Jung Hwan Song & Joo Young You


  • jimmy says:

    Wow !!!!! brother!!! you did it !! congratulate!!!!!!! you 're pride of Hanbot national univ.

  • guest says:

    now you can call it isleep!!!! come on putting mp3 in everything this is not design just a hack job of combining technolgies
    im sorry but a neck pillow and a phone with mp3 is enough, you would look stupid with that around your neck…..
    next time do better research

  • Seungkue says:

    Jung Hwan ah, Joo Young ah, chukha handa. ap u ro du uk yul si mi hae su woori hak kyo reul nul ri al ryu da oh*^^*

  • anon says:

    I'm not so sure about this concept – seems like part of the thinking is that people are okay with ear buds in their ears while they sleep. Also have to wonder about breakage of the glasses. As for the pillow, how is this an improvement on the current products that are a fraction of the price. Can't say that I would buy this or even look at it seriously if it went into production.

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