Fascinatingly Simple – Part Deux

From one of my favorite designers, Robert van Embricqs, the Rising Table is the latest in a series of sculptural furniture elements that are not only functionally genius but also aesthetically fascinating. Like the rest of the Rising Series, the table utilizes a unique slat-folding technique to transform from a flat piece of seemingly solid wood to a fully functional table with an intricate web of wonderful angles and angular shapes that are a signature of this remarkable designer.

Designer: Robert Van Embricqs


  • Nick Madsen says:

    Very inspired by this. Great job. How does it lock in place so that the table doesn’t collapse when it is folded open?

  • Teto says:

    yes!!bravo!! we need more people who can work wood and make good objects!! really elegant, clean, good design!!

  • Ben Koros says:

    It does look awesome, and exciting. However, and this is just my oppinion, but the actually useful area on the opened table seems to be incredibly small compared to the whole product – pens, small gadgets, etc. can easily fall through. But please do correct me, if I’m wrong

  • Moveis says:


  • CB says:

    Nice idea inspired by Calatrava I assume!

  • Ray says:

    It would be easy enough to put a plain of glass/plastic overtop for easy cleaning and to keep utensils from falling

  • Hunter says:

    I don’t think it’s designed as a dinner table, but yes it does need some kind of flat-surface overlay.

  • Ron says:

    This is not a full size table. Not the chair in the background.

  • Grey says:

    While I do not disagree with your assessment that small objects such as pens might fall through, I thought about the same thing and came to the conclusion that these objects require relatively minimal space on a table and thus would be pretty intuitive to place upon the solid area.

    Unless one were seriously tossing bits about, I don’t think it would be a major concern. I think maybe I’d be more worried about careless folks setting their glass on the edge of the center cutout and them tumbling into a mess under the table.

    I don’t think functionality is terribly lost as a coffee table. An end table might lose something with this design as it limits centering of lamps and the like. A glass top could add elegance and remove that limitation, though.

    All this being said, I thought of the ‘form beyond function’ tag under the website header when I first read your post. Your points were valid though, so I couldn’t bring myself to just fling that at you half-hazard.

    You weren’t wrong, so this isn’t a correction. 😀

  • Antony says:

    Fantastic design

  • Antony says:

    Fantastic design. Awesome.

  • Prana says:

    Incredible design, loved the pattern inside…

  • Amy Smith says:

    The execution of the design is mind boggling. Furniture these days keeping getting better and better.

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