Minimalist modular lamp shines light anywhere you go with portable design

Most people treat lamps and lighting fixtures as mere functional products that illuminate a given space. While that is indeed their primary function, the kind and quality of light can actually have an effect on our minds and moods. Some lamps have decorative designs that spark interest and awe, while others use different tones and intensities to soothe or excite. Most lamps that provide these varied experiences, however, are often tied down to their locations or are impractical to move around. Portable lamps, on the other hand, are more utilitarian in design. This simple-looking lamp tries to bridge the gap between those two extremes, offering a lighting solution that can easily be carried anywhere to set the right atmosphere while also looking stylish in any setting.

Designers: TENT and Fujita Metal

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At first glance, this lamp might not even look like a lamp. On the one hand, it almost looks like a miniature stool, similar to those with round, rotating seats you’d see in some bars and diners. On the other hand, it might also remind you of mushrooms with its tall, thin stem and circular cap. Whichever way you look at it, the ICHI table lamp is going to grab your attention with its distinctive shape, its powder-coated iron finish, and its minimalist design.

The mushroom table lamp is so minimalist that you will see neither cords nor buttons on its pristine surface. Pressing anywhere on the edge of the lamp’s top turns it on and cycles through its different brightness settings before it turns off again. There’s no specific area you have to press, making it easy to operate the lamp even without looking at it. Each press has a soft and comfortable clicking feel to it, so don’t be surprised if you get a bit addicted to the gesture.

Six high color rendering LEDs generate the clicky table lamp’s warm light while a thick milky-white board diffuses it to a softer glow. The yellowish tone creates a more soothing atmosphere compared to bright white, and it can also make certain colors and compositions pop up, making food look more delicious, for example. The absence of cables suggests that the lamp is battery-powered, but it eschews the trend of using built-in rechargeable batteries and opts for AA batteries instead. This helps prolong the life of the lamp since you can easily replace the batteries when they run out of juice. Of course, you can also use rechargeable AA batteries to really capitalize on the lamp’s sustainability.

Almost like a mushroom, the ICHI lamp can pop up anywhere you want it to. Simply unscrew the top and the base and stash all three parts inside a bag to carry the lamp with you. With its warm light, tactile experience, and modular design, this minimalist lamp lets you create the atmosphere you want anywhere you go, allowing you to bring your own bubble of light and calm inside the house or outdoors.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149