This minimalist snap binding clipboard lets you effortlessly use your favorite paper everywhere

We are living in an increasingly digital world, with computers, smartphones, and the Web governing most of our lives. That hasn’t made paper extinct, however, and it has, in fact, rekindled a passion for “old-fashioned” analog ways of giving thoughts more visible form. There is an overabundance of paper products today for that purpose, many of which unsurprisingly try to lock you into a single brand or kind of notebook. Nothing, however, can be simpler than using loose paper, especially the type that you’ve grown fond of. It is, however, too easy to lose loose sheets of paper, which is why this deceptively simple yet talented clipboard also makes it easy to keep those pieces of paper together with a single push.

Designer: Hirock Design Office

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Clipboards have been around for more than a century, and they obviously got their name from the central piece that makes them work. That clip hasn’t changed much over the course of history, and its often bulky form makes the clipboard less than ideal for anything other than sitting on your desk or sticking to a wall. That leaves few other options for carrying sheets of paper around, and folders with binders and clips also add unnecessary bulk to what should really be a thin sheath to hold these pieces of paper.

Just like its namesake that wraps tightly around your body, the Paper Jacket leaves no space except for paper. Even the “clip” that holds the paper in place barely adds any height, and this height is filled up by the cover that also clips into place when closed. Despite that, you never risk your paper falling off or flying away, all thanks to the thin yet powerful bar of magnet that keeps everything together.

Simply pressing down the edge of the board opens the clip effortlessly to release the paper or to add more. Whether it’s just a single sheet or a maximum of 30, the strong neodymium magnets will hold the paper securely. Thirty sheets of paper might sound a bit limiting, especially if you’re in the zone, but it keeps things simple and tidy. Plus, you can easily swap out written sheets for clean ones when you need to.

The strip of magnet does more than just hold the paper down, though. It also keeps the hard cover in place, whether closed or flipped back, making sure it doesn’t get in the way of your writing. It can also hold pens or stack on top of other magnetic clipboards. It’s even strong enough to stick to a whiteboard! It almost makes the paper jacket multifunctional, leaving you with fewer excuses not to bring your favorite sheets of paper along.

Despite its thin and light appearance, the board and the cover are hard enough not only to protect your paper but also to write on them while standing up and holding the board with one hand. You can also flip the board upside-down and have it stand on its cover, quickly turning it into a reading stand. And, of course, it offers nearly limitless freedom on what paper to use, how you want to write on them, and how many to bring along with you. With this sleek and effortless clipboard, you’re just one cover flip away from putting down your thoughts for posterity and productivity.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $49 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!