This modular smart ruler removes the headaches of measuring with different units and scales

You’ve probably heard of the advice to measure twice and cut once, which is both metaphorical and literal. It’s not easy to get a measure right the first time, especially if you’re using an analog tool. Things get even more complicated when you have to juggle different units, scales, and other factors that make a plain, old ruler clearly inadequate. There is a new breed of digital measuring devices that try to remedy the situation, but these are mostly useless when you need to measure something that’s already on paper or on your desk. For these tasks, a flat and long ruler is still the best tool for the job, but this innovative smart ruler takes that age-old tool to the next level, providing precision, convenience, and customization right at your fingertips.

Designer: Tiancheng Liang

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The typical long, rectangular ruler serves two primary purposes. One is to measure something in a straight line, and the other is to draw one, sometimes with an exact length. Common rulers might be enough for most people, but professionals need more than just seeing things in metric and inches. NeoRuler turns the idea of what a ruler can do on its head, giving designers, architects, engineers, and everyone in between a tool that adapts to their needs rather than forcing users to adapt to the tool’s limitations.

Switch between Metric and Imperial in one swipe without multiple calculations.

Get 90 Built-in scales for maximum versatilities.

Equal divide space quickly in any length without any calculation.

A typical ruler would have marks for inches and centimeters or millimeters, but those aren’t the only units you need to consider when measuring or drawing lines. Sometimes you have to measure things in both feet and inches, or you might need only fractional figures. The NeoRuler can show all these variations on a single tool and can change the ticks to the appropriate unit. The bright 1.14-inch LCD display clearly shows not only the unit you’re using but also 90 built-in scales. No more guessing or calculating by hand how you’ll make the house floor plan fit on paper!

NeoRuler’s impressive feat is made possible by a tiny computer embedded in its durable aluminum alloy frame. There is also a dynamic array of 300 LED lights lined up on the edge of the ruler, changing ticks and marks in a snap. Need to only measure a small segment? Simply slide the Neo Pointer and watch the ticks light up its trail. You no longer have to juggle numbers in your head just to divide a line into equal parts. Simply decide how many sections you need, and NeoRuler will show exactly where you need to draw the line.

Neo Pointer – Excel measuring detail.

Neo PenHolder – Empower drawing precisions.

Neo Magnifier – Magnify reading accuracy.

Neo Caliper – Enhance object measurement.

Even with these core functions, the NeoRuler is already a major evolution of the ruler, but it doesn’t stop there. This creative invention embraces a modular design that extends its capabilities without making the device more complicated. Don’t trust your shaky hand to draw a straight line even with a ruler? The Neo PenHolder allows you to just glide across the paper without worry. Can’t see the super fine details of a blueprint? The Neo Magnifier helps you make more accurate readings and better assessments. Need to measure something that’s not on paper or a flat surface? The Neo Caliper removes the need for yet another tool to clutter your desk.

Many of the analog tools we already have today work well enough, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. When flexibility and accuracy are critical to success, a simple ruler just won’t cut it. For only $89, the NeoRuler brings not only a precise measuring tool but also a multifunctional device that makes sure you will be able to measure and draw with complete confidence, even if you only measure once.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $129 ($40 off). Less than 72 hours left! Raised over $500,000.