Experimental + playful furniture collection made from plated steel looks like pieces of contorted paper clips

Designer Leah Ring set up her interdisciplinary studio Another Human in 2017, and since then has been wooing residential homes in California with her unique, fresh, and sunny design pieces. She loves sculptural furniture and leaves no chance to create them. And a sculptural furniture collection that she recently designed for her studio is the Doodle. The Doodle is Ring’s latest collection that looks exactly as it sounds – a bunch of scrappy doodles brought to life. Each piece is one-of-a-kind – hauntingly similar to its predecessor, yet painstakingly unique as well.

Designer: Leah Ring for Another Human

If you look closely the furniture pieces look like contorted pieces of paper clips. It looks like the result of an idle day at work, where one does nothing except twist and play around with paper clips, creating unique contraptions that look like absurd bits of metal, rather than functional pieces of stationery. Ring’s intention behind every piece was to make it look like a blind contour drawing brought to life in three dimensions. Nickel-plated steel arching was hand-bent and welded together, around a cast resin  – resulting in an abstract-looking table and a pair of chairs that don’t look like they could stand by themselves, and yet they do! The cast-resin tabletop on the table looks gravity-defying.

Ring described the design process behind the Doodle collection as “free and exploratory”. And, indeed it does seem like it. The final pieces look like dynamic and quirky pieces of art, that you would find in an art show, than in a furniture store. But that’s exactly what makes this collection so unique! In a world where furniture has been shoved into a humdrum and mundane box, the Doodle Collection is Ring’s rebellion against boring and anticipated design languages. The pieces are quite different as compared to previous furniture designs launched by Another Human, which indicates Ring’s own expansion and experimentation as a designer.

The Doodle collection is definitely not for everyone, and you won’t see it in an office or restaurant. But for the brave-hearted furniture connoisseurs who love to experiment and add an element of fun to their homes, the Doodle designs would be an exciting addition to their living space.