FLECTR’s reflective clip-on instantly makes pedestrians and cyclists visible in low-light settings


With years of reflector-science experience under their belt, the guys at FLECTR are back with yet another accessory that promises to keep people safe at night. Manifesting its form in the avatar of a clip-on device, the FLECTR CLIP brings reflective technology to a nifty wearable that can either attach to your bag, body, or to the rear of your bicycle.

Built with FLECTR’s award-winning micro prismatic reflective film, the FLECTR CLIP comes in three body-varieties that let it hang from the back of your bike’s saddle, slide onto the strap of your messenger/sling bag, or magnetically snap anywhere on your clothes or backpack. The saddle-unit features two cuts that sit on the rear of your bike, while the strap-mount slides onto virtually any webbing up to 52 mm (2″) in width. The magnetic mount offers even more versatility, with a counter-magnet that allows you to snap the clip anywhere on your clothes, ensuring low-light visibility.

Bringing enhanced visibility to your bike and your person, the FLECTR CLIP makes stepping out at night or early in the morning measurably safer. The clips work off ambient/stray light and don’t require any internal energy or power input of their own, allowing them to stay illuminated for as long as you use them. Available in three colors, the clips are even designed to be flexible yet indestructible, allowing you to use and reuse them for years… because safety is something you should practice every day.

Designers: Jorg Neugebauer & Kai Wiehagen

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FLECTR CLIP – Your Ultimate Protector in the Darkness

The FLECTR CLIP comes in three different designs and it lets you be seen instantly. Just clip it to your bike, bag or clothing.

For joggers, bikers or pedestrians, the FLECTR CLIP keeps you safe in the darkness and catches any car driver’s attention before it’s too late.

Three Designs, Endless Possibilities

FLECTR CLIP is a family of 3 universal safety parts. Three designs, endless possibilities.

All FLECTR CLIPs are flexible and virtually indestructible. Manufactured in Europe both sides are reflective.

The Strap Mount version fits any webbing up to 52 mm (2″) width. Front color: fluorescent lime green, the back is silver.

FLECTR CLIP for Saddle Mount is the ideal rear reflector for almost any bike. The team have chosen a special color – neon red-orange – for this reflector. It reflects almost twice the amount of light as classic red. Its backside reflects silver, like all other CLIPs.

The magnetic CLIP is a little workhorse. With its strong built-in magnet, it can be worn on any clothing, (a counter-magnet is supplied), or attached to bike bags and steel surfaces. Front color: fluorescent lime green or orange, back: silver.

Are Reflectors Better Than Electric Lighting?

Reflectors do not require maintenance and are still there for you even if your lighting fails. Cheap clip-on reflectors are often paired with tiny LEDs. In fact, inferior materials are almost always used here.

Ultimately, when the battery is empty, you realize a change is hardly worthwhile. Regarding cycling: Reflectors and bicycle lighting both form a system and should always be used together – you decide how much safety you need to feel comfortable cycling. Both increase your visibility for car drivers when riding at night.

Click Here to Buy Now: 3pcs for $33 $51 (35% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!