A bike worthy of the name Bison

With its hybrid design language that allows users to transition between on and off-road modes, the Bison bicycle is the last and only bike you need. The good: robust yet lightweight composite frame, hybrid handlebars, 29″ rims, convenient one-click storage box. The bad: there’s only one example… but maybe not for long (including an electric version to come). Watch it come to life —>

Designer: Sam Antiqechian

BISON -Bicycle Design Project- from BISON BICYCLE on Vimeo.


  • Robo says:

    So your handlebars hit the frame in “off road”? This is just straight up bad design.

  • JotPe says:

    What about access to brakes in “on-road” position?

  • Mario says:

    What groupset does it use? What’s the weight if the total bike? Is that a 13″ MacBook he can fit in that storage box?

  • Alex says:

    weird design 🙂

  • mohsen says:

    good job.
    very like bison.

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