MagSafe iPhone Stand Meets Travel Bottle: This genius design gives you a tripod in your water bottle

The simplest ideas are sometimes the best. A beer-can holder in a cap with the straw going right to your mouth… and a water bottle with a built-in MagSafe stand for your iPhone. Absolute genius.

Picture this: you’re out and about, ready to capture that perfect shot or record a spontaneous video, but alas, you don’t have a tripod or phone dock on you. You do, however, have the Ringo Bottle, which has a clever magnetic stand built right into the bottle cap. Combining the practicality of a water bottle with the convenience of a MagSafe-compatible iPhone stand, the Ringo Bottle quenches your thirst while turning your smartphone into a tripod on-the-fly. No more shaky videos or propping your phone against precarious objects—now you can FaceTime, create TikTok videos, and shoot IG Reels like a pro, along with the benefit of having glowing skin because you’re constantly hydrated!

Designer: Ringo

The Ringo Bottle looks pretty much like any travel thermos you’ve seen… however, it comes with one key difference that sets it apart. No, it doesn’t track your hydration like those fancy-schmancy smart bottles, and no, it doesn’t have a UV light built into it to sterilize the insides. It does something much more ingenious. Look to the top of the Ringo and you’ll see a ring-shaped element on the top. Angle it upwards and the element works as a handle for carrying the Ringo around, but it also does something else that’s pretty remarkable. Built with magnets on the inside, the ring lets you snap your MagSafe-ready iPhone onto it, giving your phone a nifty, stable stand. It works rather intuitively without any adjustable clamps or grips, and is a handy little instrument to keep your phone propped up while you watch videos, take calls, or film viral content.

You see, the chances of you carrying a tripod or stand around with you are negligible, but having a water bottle handy is a much more likely eventuality. Whether you’re at work, at the gym, in the outdoors, or even in the kitchen, all you need is the Ringo and you’ve got yourself a reliable stand that works with iPhones or even other smartphones or tablets with the MagSafe sticker.

In doing so, the Ringo becomes a bottle you’re much more likely to carry, because you probably see it as a tripod first and a bottle second. It’s a clever cognitive shift that also ends up prompting you to carry your bottle everywhere, making you A. more likely to stay hydrated, and B. less prone to buying single-use plastic bottles. See? Genius.

The bottle itself comes with double-walled premium-grade stainless steel with vacuum technology to keep your beverages hot or cold for long intervals like a thermos. Hot drinks stay hot for a solid 12 hours, while cold drinks can last up to an entire day within Ringo’s insulated design. The cap is where most of the innovation lies, with a friction hinge that Ringo’s makers sourced from a to laptop manufacturer. Working jus the way the hinge on a laptop does, Ringo’s MagSafe ring can basically be placed at any angle and it’ll hold its position without shifting. The bottle’s cleverly designed to also be stable even when empty, although, for best results, it’s recommended to have the bottle filled for a lower center of gravity and a more stable outcome.

The Ringo bottle comes in two sizes – a regular 24oz (710ml) and a large 32oz (950ml), with as many as 4 color options to choose from. The bottles are designed with a wide mouth and internal threading, which means it’s easier to sip from and easy to clean too, and the bottle (sans the cap) is also dishwasher-friendly.

The Ringo’s appeal isn’t limited to just iPhones, though. Ringo’s makers even designed their own ‘Magnetic Booster Ring’ that sticks onto other devices including iPads, giving them MagSafe capabilities. With 16 high-powered N52 MagSafe magnets, housed within a strong polymer frame with an adhesive pad back, the Magnetic Booster Ring can even support the heaviest iPad Pro 12.9-inch tablet, suspending it securely from the Ringo bottle.

Ultimately, the Ringo is just an incredibly smart idea that solves more than just one problem. It’s a bottle, but it’s also a phone stand. It’s ubiquitous in a way that’ll make you want to carry your bottle around more, and stable enough to be used anywhere and everywhere, making it perfect for creators and consumers alike. Moreover, it’s designed to be reusable, pushing you to be less reliable on disposable single-use plastic bottles in the process. Never in my life did I think being obsessed with your smartphone would actually be helpful to the planet, but here I am, being proved wrong… and I love it!