Lightweight, rotatable, and foldable – Kooke portable gas stove is here to upgrade your camping style!

Given the current scenario, you’d definitely be itching to get to the outdoors and be sure of making the most of the opportunity. Stepping beyond borders is not something that’s going to happen anytime soon without compromising health, so the easiest option is to remain local. No matter the location you pick to camp in, you want to be extra cautious with what you eat (keeping the immune system strong is important), and a camping stove that helps you cook up fresh healthy food is exactly what you need!

When you look up a portable stove for the next outdoor adventure you will find a range of them available the moment you press the magical search button. What you’re unlikely to find is a compact and foldable stove that’ll take away half your packing woes before gearing up for the camp. The Kooke Portable Stove makes an impression with its lightweight, rotatable, and foldable form factor. When you want to use it – swivel open the gas stove from its plastic housing, pull out the burner stands, slot in the fuel can, and voila you’re done! A rotatable controller on the face of the stove lets you switch the gas on and control the flame. Kooke can be easily folded back, to store after use, occupying little possible storage space. Interestingly, the portable stove is easy to carry with a handle on the plastic case and fits the bill in the outdoors with both function and appearance.

The award-winning Kooke portable gas stove comes in two colors, black and champagne gold. Using and storing it shouldn’t be a fuss because that’s pretty much why this is designed in the first place making it perfect size to take on long hike or camp in nature where a hot meal wouldn’t come easy. Using it under vigil is important for it doesn’t have a windshield around the burner, which can be a situation in windy outdoors. Nonetheless, we are ready to pack this on our next trip, what’s your take?

Designer: Hao-Jhang Cyue of Ace Right Corp