This citrus juicer floats my boat!


The AHOI showcases an abstract combination of two identities, turning them into one form. On the one hand, it’s a pretty cute looking toy boat. It has the origami-style edgy design too, and comes in a wonderful set of colors, reminiscent of the colorful paper we used to make boats out of as children. While it visually represents a boat, it’s functionally a citrus juicer. The sail of the boat is shaped like a traditional juicer head (although it doesn’t look out of place with the rest of the boat’s design) and works against a cross-section of a citrus fruit, gathering all the juice in the boat’s concavity. The boat’s design not only collects the juice, its pointed sides also let you pour the juice out easily. Makes sense all around, doesn’t it?! The AHOI comes in two sizes. A slightly larger version for oranges, and a smaller one for lemons and limes.

The AHOI by Koziol is just brilliantly playful, and whether you’re a child or adult, you’re going to love using the juicer… in fact, the only way it could be possibly better is if there were a citrusy, Yellow Submarine edition!

Designer: Koziol

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