Captivating Arched Windows steal the show in these London Townhouses

Located in a spot once occupied by a gas station, The Arches is a series of 6 townhouses built by British architecture studio The DHaus Company (also known just as DHaus). Named after its iconic set of arched windows, these townhouses are set against the brick-based canvas of the architecture found within the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area… however, the townhouses set themselves apart with their unique arched designs that serve as the eye-catching element in the overall architecture. Each townhouse comes with two levels and a small backyard.

Designer: DHaus

The design of these townhouses beautifully marries old-world charm and modern aesthetics. The exposed brick facade not only preserves the neighborhood’s character but also adds warmth and texture to the buildings. This classic architectural choice ensures that the townhouses blend seamlessly into their surroundings while still exuding a sense of timelessness.

However, it’s the arched windows that truly steal the spotlight. With their dramatic curves and bold black frames, these windows create an eye-catching contrast against the brick exterior. More than just an architectural statement, the arches are also fully functional, pivoting to open and close with ease. This innovative feature allows residents to enjoy fresh air and natural light, all while adding an extra layer of visual appeal to the townhouses.

As night falls, the townhouses transform into a mesmerizing sight, with the arched windows illuminating from within and casting a warm glow onto the street below. This captivating display further highlights the unique design of the homes, showcasing the beauty of the arches in an entirely new light. No pun intended!

The grills on the windows come with an arched pattern too, reinforcing the signature visual element of the building’s architecture.

Step inside the townhouses, and you’ll find the interiors flooded with natural light streaming in through the arched windows. The interiors strike a balance between modern and traditional design elements, featuring hardwood flooring with a minimalist Scandinavian interior appeal, adding warmth and texture to the contemporary design.