This tiny $50 transparent dongle lets you play ANY Game Boy catridge on your desktop!

In a world where computer dongles come in all shapes and sizes, catering to a plethora of needs, the Epilogue GB Operator stands out as a unique offering that serves a uniquely different purpose – nostalgia. While most dongles aim to provide modern conveniences like multiports, HDMI, ethernet, or SD card readers, the GB Operator takes a different approach, allowing you to relive the golden era of gaming by plugging your cherished Game Boy cartridges directly into your desktop or laptop. This blast from the past serves up an exciting way to revisit all your favorite 8 and 16-bit adventures, proving that sometimes, the most innovative gadgets are those that bridge the gap between old and new.

Designer: Epilogue

Not only does the Epilogue GB Operator provide the unique experience of playing your beloved Game Boy games on a larger screen, but it also packs some nifty features that elevate the overall gaming experience. Compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges, this handy little device ensures that your extensive library of classics is just a plug away from being enjoyed once again. It comes with a transparent design that’s somewhat of a nod to the translucent build found on Game Boy Advance models (and even on most GBA cartridges), and allows you to easily and intuitively slide any cartridge in (yes, you can even use the Game Boy Camera with it too!)

Setting up the GB Operator is refreshingly simple. Just connect the device to your computer via a USB-C cable, insert your Game Boy cartridge of choice, and you’re good to go. With the GB Operator’s user-friendly software, navigating through your games and adjusting settings is a breeze. The GB Operator upscales all gameplay to fit the display of your choice, even doing a pretty remarkable job with high-end 4K monitors. You even have the option to customize controls and apply various display filters, allowing you to tailor the experience to your preferences. The software lets you adjust key-binding for your keyboard, although the GB Operator is best paired with a nice game controller that really gives you the true blue gaming experience.

But the GB Operator doesn’t stop there. For those with an affinity for game development, the device also supports homebrew and ROM hack cartridges, opening up a world of creative possibilities. Moreover, the GB Operator can back up your game saves, ensuring that your hard-earned progress is never lost due to faulty or aging cartridges. It even allows you to legally create ROM backups of your physical games, so you can keep digital copies of the games you legally paid for even though the device it’s supposed to run on is obsolete. Moreover, aside from making copies of your games, the GB Operator even works as an authenticator, detecting counterfeit or bootlegged cartridges for you, so you know whether you’ve got the original cartridges or not.

While everyone’s speculating about the next Nintendo Switch or the PS6, the GB Operator takes us back to the literal good old days. It promises hours upon hours of endless nostalgia-fueled entertainment, letting you revisit all the classics from your childhood. At just under $50, it doesn’t break the bank either!

Image Credits: randomfrankp