This monolith-inspired Xbox controller concept is an overkill for gaming ergonomics

Gamers are divided as to which controller offers the best combination of ergonomic design, functionality, and strategic in-game advantage. While PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge has some unique features, Xbox comes Series X works for people who like a good in-hand feel.

I gravitate towards the Xbox Series X controller because of the button placement and the fact that it’s ideal for my small hands. While I would fancy a custom-designed one too, this Monolith Xbox Series controller concept has got me confused.

Designer: Nak Studio

Gone are the contoured stems that fit like a charm in the hand, giving way to the triangular-shaped ones. Of course, the controller is themed on the mysterious monolith objects found at different locations around the world which defines these sharp geometric shapes. The Xbox controllers’ signature lights colored form gives way to the glossy grey hue which is completely alien to what we’ve all seen over the years. The big Xbox branding on the sides looks cool though.

At first glance, one would presume the catamaran-like stems to be detachable, and only serve a purpose as desk stand for the controller, but they are in fact a part of the unibody design. Without doubt, the controller will be a bit uncomfortable to hold even for gamers with big hands, let alone mine. The placement of the shoulder trigger buttons also leaves a whole lot to be desired.

The design house has also created a matching Xbox console that I actually do like. While the controller I don’t vouch for because of its lack of ergonomic design, the console looks quite futuristic and a worthy upgrade to the boring Xbox Series X console. So, that addresses my quandary about the implementation of a monolith-inspired Xbox Series concept – the console is cool while the controller is definitely an overkill!