This bluetooth speaker gives a second life to plastic waste and old e-bike batteries

You’d think that we would be able to solve the world’s plastic problem with the many products we’re seeing that re-use this material. But of course, compared to the amount of plastic that humans produce and consume, it’s still a pretty small percentage and so we still need to come up with more solutions. We’re seeing innovative concepts and products that are also well-designed. You’re getting the best of both worlds as you get something functional and pretty and you’re saving the world one plastic at a time.

Designer: Gomi

Collection One is a Bluetooth speaker that can be decorative, a source of good music, and is also environmentally friendly. Each speaker is made from plastic waste as well as e-bike batteries that are not being used anymore. In fact, each of these portable devices are made from 44 plastic bags that were returned to its raw form before being turned into materials for the speakers. The creators say they have been able to save six tonnes of plastic waste with this collection through the local recycling companies that they partnered with.

Each speaker has modular components so if one of the parts breaks down, you can still have it replaced if it can’t be fixed anymore. There are three designs available with each one having a distinct colorway and is inspired by specific artworks. They’re named Panther, Avalanche, and Ultraviolet. The aesthetics are a cross between “Dieter Rams and Picaso” so you get some abstract and colorful designs to go along with the music or ebooks or podcasts that you’ll be streaming through these devices. Each one is handmade so you know you’re getting something special.

As for the sound quality, Collection One is from a design company but hopefully they will be able to create something that will give you great audio as it comes with a full range neodymium driver. They promise to bring software updates to the connectivity aspect of it and will also offer repairs, trade-ins, and other upgrading facilities later on. The speakers are priced at £299 (US$365) and will be available in 7-10 business days after you place your order (well, if you’re in the U.K)