Small cabin with burnt wood design gives tranquility in the middle of nature

When you need to get away from city life for just a couple of days, you need to be somewhere that’s just a couple of hours away from where you live. Not everyone who lives in a city has that option so if you do, you should take advantage of it just to have a few days to yourself, away from the hustle. If you live in Berlin or a city near the German capital, you can avail of Raus’ service which lets you book secluded cabins whose locations are revealed to you once you’ve booked them. Their newest cabin design is as compact as they come but with a bit of a charred twist.

Designers: Raus and Sigurd Larsen

This new compact cabin was built on the grounds of Wehrmühle Biesenthal which is just an hour away from Berlin. The 193-square-foot cabin is made from charred timber, giving it a dark and worn look that lets it blend with the dark tree trunks that surround it. It actually sits in the middle of a forest with meadows, fields, and even a small river surrounding it. You are basically escaping to nature but with all the conveniences of a stylish cabin to retreat to.

What makes this cabin and all other Raus cabins even better are that they are all self-sufficient. With this one, you get a wood-burning stove if you need to cook food or keep warm, a composting toilet and water tank to re-use your water supply, and solar panels to give the space green energy. And of course, the rooms are designed to they are aligned with the sunlight so there’s no need to use artificial lighting during the daytime, with the kitchen filled up with sunshine as it faces the east and the strong midday light hitting the rear facade.

Since you’re in the middle of nature, the cabin was also designed to take advantage of all the great scenery. The kitchen is not just filled with light but with a view of the forest to inspire your cooking and eating. There is a terrace to the west where you can sit and marvel at the sunset. The facade lets you lounge outdoors and just breathe in all that nature that you can see. There are also large windows placed near the queen-size bed so you can enjoy the view from there.

It may be a small cabin but it can sure give you room to breathe away from the city. You can fit in three adults or two adults and two children with the main built-in queen-size bed and a bunk bed, also built-in. The all-black interiors, high ceiling, big windows, and sliding doors also makes the small space look a little bigger.