This levitating box-cutter and paperclip holder are by far the coolest tabletop stationery money can buy

Designed by the maker of the Levitating Pen from a little over a year ago, Novium returns with some more gravity-defying office instruments. The two new pieces of space-inspired stationery are the Edge, a hovering box-cutter, letter-opener, and scale, and the Shuttleport, a similar gravity-defying paperclip holder. With a design that’s a unique combination of practical and utterly fascinating, the Edge and Shuttleport bring a sense of futurism and whimsy to your tabletop. They compel you to look away from your screen once in a while and just stare in wonder at them as they float. Suspended using a set of precisely positioned magnets, the Edge and Shuttleport make for rather engaging fidget toys too, as they bob up and down when gently nudged.

Designer: Novium

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The Novium Edge is a multipurpose tool that effortlessly hovers above its magnetic base, making it an eye-catching addition to any desk. The levitating box cutter, letter-opener, and scale comes with an edgy, future-friendly design that’s simultaneously also ergonomic, intuitive, and safe to use. When docked, the Edge rests reliably on its anti-gravity base, hovering at a precise 12° angle that makes it easy to grab whenever you want.

The Edge’s design visually splits into its three broad functions. At the very tip is the box-cutter, made from stainless steel with a 1mm-wide safety tip that lets you pierce through boxes but not hurt or harm skin. The Edge’s anodized aluminum grip has a notched upper surface that serves as a precision scale, and a semi-sharp bottom surface that’s perfectly dull enough to cut through envelopes and packages to reveal the contents within.

The Edge sits at a 12° angle against its magnetic base, with the handle hovering in mid-air for you to easily grab onto. Docking the Edge is satisfying too as it instantly grabs its position with a click.

The Edge weighs a mere 25 grams, and despite its angular grip, is incredibly comfortable to hold and use. Its weighted mid-section gives it a sense of reliability as you grip it, and the blunt-tipped box cutter is safe enough to hold without hurting yourself. It’s notoriously effective against boxes, though, so points for that. The Edge’s base, on the other hand, is made from zinc (with powerful built-in rare-earth magnets) and weighs a sizeable 130 grams. This makes it an effective docking station for the Edge because it remains in its place as you engage or disengage the magnetic system while you’re lifting or docking the Edge. The heavy base also makes it a pretty wonderful paperweight, adding to the Edge’s list of impressive features.

The Edge’s rocking motion makes it a brilliant fidget-toy to constantly play with

While magnetic paper-clip holders have been around for decades, none are as impressive as the Shuttleport. With a design that actually glorifies the paper clip, the Shuttleport comes with a split-arc form factor that’s filled with visual drama, and its matte-black color simply serves to guide your eye to the hovering silver paperclip located at its center. The Shuttleport comes with two kinds of clips, the bent-wire kind and the sheet-metal kind. Both the clips sport an angular paper-plane-inspired design (giving legitimacy to the word Shuttle in Shuttleport), although one is well suited for binding papers together into documents, and the other acts as a metallic bookmark, marking pages for you to go back to.

The Shuttleport’s anti-gravity base comes with a platform for docking one levitating clip, and a dedicated storage area on the side for keeping the rest of the clips handy just when you need them. The anti-gravity base looks a lot like the one seen on the company’s levitating HoverPen series, although this one’s designed to work with paper-clips instead. The clips rest at a precarious angle, pointing towards the sky, while their plane/jet-inspired design just feels like a wonderful extra design detail that is bound to grab anyone’s attention even when the clips aren’t on their levitating docking station.

Simply pinch the clip and lift it off its anti-gravity base to un-dock it. Once you’ve used the clip, return it to the base and it automatically aligns with the magnets.

The paper clip and bookmark both come with a paper-plane-inspired design

Both the Novium Edge and Shuttleport are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The aluminum, steel, and zinc construction gives them a premium feel while being lightweight and easy to handle. The weighted magnetic bases provide a stable foundation for these levitating marvels, ensuring that they stay in place and function flawlessly.

The Edge comes in Space Black and Starlight Silver color options, whereas the Shuttleport has a single Space Black variant. Launched as Novium’s fourth campaign on Kickstarter, the Edge starts at a discounted $69 while the Shuttleport is priced at a discounted $39. If you want to grab both of them, you can for just $99, making them a wonderful addition to your office or WFH tabletop, or an absolutely stellar gift for a special someone. The Novium Edge and Shuttleport begin shipping in August 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $134 (26% Off) Hurry! Just 5 more days left!