Special Edition Asus tablet designed by ACRONYM is functional and striking work of art

Asus likes to experiment with unique collaborations with creative outfits, and more often than not, the results are excellent. Back in 2020, they joined forces with Berlin-based ACRONYM to create the ROG ZEPHYRUS G14-ACRNM laptop and now the two camps have again collaborated for a limited-edition tablet.

ACRONYM co-founded in 1994 by Errolson Hugh, a pioneer in the technical-apparel industry, has struck partnerships with the likes of Nike in the past, and now they developed the functional and stylish ROG Flow Z13 ACRNM RMT02 tablet for Asus.

Designer: ACRONYM and Asus

The gaming tablet’s industrial chassis is very artistic, which is obvious since Hugh leveraged the design prowess of Phil Saunders who designed the Iron Man suit. Ideation for this cool-looking machine propped up to go with the existing line-up of ACRONYM jackets, and project head, Rod Chong (LA-based creative director) delivered exactly what was needed. Both camps worked for almost a year on this design and the results are stunning. The package comes with an integrated strap in the body, rubber holds for improved grip and reinforced corners for protection from bump damage. The keyboard and screensaver on this edition have been visually ramped up for that extra flair. All of this while being ultra-functional and looking stunning with any modern outfit.

According to Hugh, Republic of Gamers was the perfect partner for their next big creation since ROG has a very open-minded approach. “Its engineers were willing to go into unknown territory, and they had the know-how and the competence to deliver those ideas.” For Shawn Yen, ROG Vice President of the Gaming Business Unit, their collaboration with ACRONYM opened their perspective towards looking at things “from a different angle.”

Based on the Asus ROG Flow Z13, the one designed by ACRONYM also gets a bump up in specifications for ultimate performance. While the vanilla version has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card, the special edition gets an RTX 4070 instead. The same goes for LPDDR5 RAM as well, there’s 16GB on the normal one and 32GB on the ACRONYM edition. Other than that, the 13.4-inch IPS QHD+ (16:10) screen having 165Hz refresh rate, the 13th-gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor, 1TB of M.2 SSD storage and the 56Wh battery with 130W charging are identical.

According to Asus, only 14 limited edition versions of the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 ACRONYM will be available to purchase. The price for all the added perks and exclusivity will be a mind-numbing $2,500, so one should better stick to the Surface Pro, iPad Pro, or Galaxy Tab S6!