LEGO mannequin with repositionable limbs makes sketching/animation easier, and can be modified too

LEGO bricks are often referred to as an architect’s best friend, but it seems like the company’s uniquely benefitting animators too – not through its series of incredibly fun movies, but by this adorable tabletop mannequin. Used by artists and animators alike, the mannequin is a perfect tabletop accessory to help understand human movement, positions, and proportions. Without needing to have an actual human in the room, the LEGO Artist’s Mannequin captures all the articulation and elegance of the human form. This LEGO set boasts an impressive 22 points of articulation, allowing for the accurate representation of human poses and emotions. Ideal for art enthusiasts and LEGO fans alike, this MOC was built by LEGO Ideas user “The LEGO Dark Knight”.

Designer: The LEGO Dark Knight

The LEGO Artist’s Mannequin is a true testament to the versatility of LEGO bricks. Standing at approximately 9-10 inches tall, this figure boasts impressive articulation, allowing artists to pose it in a wide array of positions. The mannequin’s joints, carefully designed and assembled using LEGO Technic elements, mimic human anatomy and offer the flexibility needed for artists to study and accurately capture the essence of the human form.

The mannequin is not only practical but visually captivating as well. Its sleek, all-white design sets it apart from traditional wooden artists’ mannequins, and the unique brick-based construction adds a touch of LEGO charm. It’s a stunning addition to any artist’s studio or LEGO enthusiast’s collection.

What’s truly exciting about the LEGO Artist’s Mannequin is the potential for customization. As with all LEGO creations, the possibilities are endless. Ambitious builders can modify the design, adding different elements like handheld objects, garments, accessories, or even extra limbs/wings to the mannequin. Additionally, you could also create different body types and proportions to explore various artistic styles.

The mannequin also serves as a fantastic teaching tool, introducing children to the concepts of anatomy and proportions in a fun and interactive way. It’s the perfect blend of learning and play, allowing kids and adults alike to tap into their creative potential. Currently a fan-made submission at the LEGO Ideas forum, the LEGO Artist’s Mannequin has 985 votes from the global LEGO community. You can cast your vote for it on the LEGO Ideas website to turn it from a fan-made product to a retail kit.