Transform Your Food Waste into Nutrient-Rich Compost with this Elegant Tabletop Device

The Nagualep Nano is a countertop kitchen composter that cuts down your organic waste by as much as 90% by turning it into nutrient-rich homemade fertilizer. The entire device is as compact as an air fryer, quieter than a refrigerator, consumes as much electricity as a coffee maker, and turns up to 3.5 liters of food scraps into organic compost in under 30 minutes without any odor, germs, or pests.

Designer: Jordan Scott Miller

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Let’s be honest. Nobody feels ‘good’ chucking their food waste into the waste disposer. It’s noisy, energy-consuming, and acts as a reminder that you’ve wasted food that is now headed into the drainage and eventually, the oceans. Designed to be about as convenient, but 100x more sustainable, the Nagualep Nano is a countertop kitchen composter that quickly turns your food waste into food for the planet. Its unique design helps it sanitize your food, and then immediately break it down into dry, nutrient-dense fertilizer that you can either use in your own kitchen garden or backyard, or dump in the trash knowing fully well that the fertilizer will benefit the earth rather than harm it. It also helps cut your waste footprint down to 10% of what it would originally be, so you’ll feel less bad about disposing of food scraps, peels, shells, pulp, bones, etc.

With a 3.5L capacity, the Nagualep Nano is a small but spacious little device, occupying the same amount of footprint as a coffee maker or air-fryer on your kitchen countertop. With a top-loading design, the Nano becomes your go-to for disposing of any kind of organic, biodegradable waste, from peels and scraps to bones, shells, spoilt food, yard waste, and even biodegradable paper/plastic containers. A simple two-button interface lets you switch between composting mode and self-cleaning mode, and once you hit the button on the inside, the Nano’s proprietary high-torque motor gets to work, silently doing its job of breaking down your waste and reducing it by 90% of its original volume while also killing all the bad germs and bacteria in the process. Here’s how it works.

Sterilizing Temperatures – Nano begins to heat up internally to 260°F to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

The Nagualep Nano uses a combination of heat and the motor’s chopping action to break down the organic matter into compost. Put your waste in and just hit the button on top and the Nano fires up its internal chamber to an operating temperature of 260°F, killing 99% of all the bacteria in the waste in under 6 minutes. After its 6-minute heat-treatment cycle, the Nano brings the chamber down to a regular operating temperature, with a reduced power consumption of 70W. It then continues to process your waste for another 24 minutes, chopping and churning it to aerobically break down your waste into a soil-like compost. The entire process happens in less time than a washing machine takes to do your laundry, and the Nagualep Nano generates no noise or odors in the process.

Proprietary Motor – With German-made carbon brushes, Nano’s motor features high-torque, low RPM, and a long service life. This is why you can hardly hear Nano during operation.

This odorless, soundless operation is thanks to the Nano’s pretty impressive design. Building on Nagualep’s NA2 kitchen composter from 2021, the Nano shows a few significant improvements. While its predecessor only had a 2.5L capacity, emitted 40dB of noise, and took a full 1.5 hours to complete its composting cycle, the Nano is more spacious, more intelligent, less noisy (at just 35dB), and 3 times as fast. Its proprietary high-torque low-RPM motor works completely silently, thanks to German carbon brushes, and the Nano can even intelligently detect if there’s something too big or unnaturally hard in the Nano’s basket, shutting down the process to prevent damage to its parts.

Self-Cleaning – Clean at the press of a button.

Maintaining the Nagualep Nano is rather easy too, and can be done once every couple of cycles to keep your kitchen countertop sanitary. The Nano’s control panel has its own self-cleaning button that immediately cleans out the internal basket when pressed. All you need to do is pour some water in and the Nano gets to work, meticulously self-cleaning without any chemicals or solvents. The Nano also has its own active carbon air filters on the back that keep your kitchen odor-free by filtering the air and absorbing any odor molecules and VOCs. The filter does require changing too, but only once or twice in an entire year, depending on how frequently you use your Nano.

The Nagualep Nano comes in two colors, a white and a space-gray, with a two-button interface and a blue LED halftone pattern on the front that lights up to let you know when the Nano’s running. The 3.5L of internal storage is big enough for 2-3 days worth of food if you’re a small family, and provides the perfect alternative to smelly trash cans that attract flies, bugs, bacteria, and pests like raccoons. Just a simple push of a button turns your waste into an odorless soil in just 30 minutes, which you can then use in your own backyard or kitchen garden to grow your own produce, living a life that’s healthier for you as well as for the planet! The Nagualep Nano starts at a discounted price of $399 and begins shipping as soon as May 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $639 (37% off). Hurry, only 42/50 left!