Clever clothes hanger expands in depth to help damp clothes dry faster by increasing the surface area

Whether on a clothesline or even within your wardrobe, the Flip Hanger helps take those wet clothes and aerate them faster, going from damp to dry in no time. The way the hanger does it is by ‘puffing its chest’ to promote ventilation inside the clothes. Not only does this help them dry faster, this clever feature helps clothes retain their shape better rather than simply sagging off hangers and getting stretched out near the shoulders.

Designer: Xi’an JIA PIN Creative Design Co., Ltd.

The hanger looks like any other clothes hanger you’d see in a wardrobe but has a few small details that make it so noteworthy. For starters, it comes with an elliptical base that flips between horizontal and vertical orientations. In the horizontal orientation, the hanger comes with a puffy chest that helps dry clothes faster by boosting ventilation, but in vertical mode, the ellipse becomes a perfect spot to hang a pair of pants either independently or along with your shirt.

Each Flip Hanger also comes with a secondary hook right below the primary hook, letting you hang one hanger upon another to save space on your clothes rod by using the vertical axis instead of the horizontal one. This effectively allows you to hang more clothes on the same line/rod for maximized space efficiency.

The hanger comes made from flexible and durable Polypropylene plastic, giving it years of use with minimal wear and tear. It’s designed to look sleek, but still have thick arms and support ribs that give it the strength to hold bulky coats and blazers or even heavy, wet clothes that would otherwise cause the hanger’s arms to sag downwards. “It has obtained 4 utility model patents and 6 appearance patents,” says the designer.