These colorful two-toned mirrors are the playful element your bedroom, living room & bathroom need

They say that the eyes are the mirror to one’s soul, which is a beautiful thought, but when it comes to doing up my hair, I do prefer a big bold mirror. Have you ever paid attention to the mirrors people place in their homes? They’re usually simple reflective surfaces with probably a thin metal border around them. Nothing special about them. They do the task, reflect your face and body back to you, and that’s about it. So when I came across some beautifully designed mirrors, they totally piqued my interest! Called the Wander Mirrors, these unique mirrors were designed by AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture.

Designer: AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture

Designed by Parisian studio AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture, these innovative mirrors feature transparent two-toned glass frames that cast out a stunning colorful halo on its surroundings. The mirrors are mounted through a unique hanging system, allowing them to sit at a slight distance from the wall, which enables light to pass through the stained-colored glass, projecting the colors on the wall the mirror is mounted on.

“The collection evokes a sense of freedom of the mind through its graphic lines and visually fun style. The transparent glass of the mirror adorns a meticulous bicolor print showcasing unique shades and original shapes,” said Petite Friture. The Wander Collection includes mirrors in three different sizes, so you can pick a size that works for your bathroom. The mirrors are available in two-tone colors – emerald with cherry, vermillion with khaki, and brick-red with purple. The varying color shades perfectly contrast one another, creating a stunning visual. In the middle of each pane, the colored glass effortlessly merges into a mirrored glass.

The size of the mirrors affects this section, which takes on a different shape. For example – for the larger rectangular Wander mirrors an elongated pill-shaped mirrored glass is used, whereas, for the smaller mirrors, ornate frames are utilized. The end result is whimsical and playful mirrors that will brighten up any bedroom/living room/bathroom they are placed into, adding a fun and exquisitely designed element to what would have been an otherwise boring old space.