An Explosion of Portable Power!


Introducing, innovative charging that’s da bomb! It’s called Powerbomb and it packs a powerful, portable punch of charge to any of your devices. Not just named for it’s cool grenade shape, it’s also called the Powerbomb because it a massive storage of energy (13,000 mAH) that can charge your iPhone up to 6 times or an iPad Mini 1.5 times from a full charge to complete depletion and back again. Better yet, this power bank features integrated light indicators to let you know when it’s good to go or needs to be plugged in!

Designer: Rahul Shirbhate








  • Hammer says:

    Great design, but you could be shot down by a police officer when you show this in public.

  • cami says:

    Unfortunately no one would be able to travel with this in his bag by plane…the idea is great though.

  • Tom H. says:

    Just don’t pack it in your carry-on!

  • Keith Briggs says:

    Generally speaking, it is probably not a good idea to design a product that resembles a lethal weapon. ‘Hammer’ is right – a jumpy police officer could shoot you when you display this – and no court of law will convict him. Oh, and you’d be dead (but your phone will be charged).

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