Positive And Negative Can Play Well Together


When you think of positive and negative, you think of things counteracting each other. Not the case with the Positive Negative Bar Counter designed by Xiaofei Cui and Yafei Ma.

When looking at designs, sometimes it is difficult to see where the relationship between form and function come together. With the Positive Negative Bar Counter, you can quickly see how these two things mesh together obviously well. With the top, or counter portion of the bar, made from cork easily allows for space to hold your wine glass, wine rack, or anything else you would like to display on top. The base, is made from durable iron formed into a crystal like shape that allows for containers to store wine and ice – very multifunctional for a space saving bar. Positive Negative Bar Counter is a 2016 A’Design Award Winner.

Designers: Xiaofei Cui & Yafei Ma