This unique bookshelf disappears from sight once you fill its thin shelves with books

One problem that never seems to leave us, especially if you’re living in a major city – is the lack of space! If you’re an independent millennial who recently moved out of their family home and into their own, then a major issue that you may be dealing with almost every day…is space constraints in your own home. Our modern millennial homes have many virtues, but one thing they lack is space! Space constraint is something most of us end up dealing with every day. Smart storage solutions can be lifesavers in such tricky and compact situations. And one such well-designed storage solution is the Ptolomeo Bookshelf.

Designer: Bruno Rainaldi for Opinion Ciatti

Bruno Rainaldi designed the Ptolomeo Bookshelf as a tribute to books, and the people who love to read them! Designed, especially for bibliophiles, the Ptolomeo Bookshelf is a revamped and rejuvenated version of a traditional bookshelf. It transforms an ordinary bookshelf into an intriguing design object. Ptolomeo is a freestanding bookcase with a clean and minimal structure that becomes ‘invisible’ once you fill it up with books!

Ptolomeo features rather thin and narrow shelves that disappear from sight once you line them with books. It literally creates an illusion of a stack of books floating in the air! The shelf was designed by Rainaldi as an ode to homes where books are collected, cherished and prized, and stacked together so high that “they seem to mock the law of gravity”. Not only does Ptolomeo provide a stable structure, but it also allows users to enjoy the aesthetics of such a unique and innovative bookcase.

The Ptolomeo Bookshelf has been crafted using stainless steel and can be finished off in options of black or white lacquer, or the Corten effect. The bookcase is available in three sizes, and you can even add an extra shelf accessory to hold your magazines or large-format books and novels. Quite interestingly, the bookshelf is named after Ptolemy I Soter – the Greek general who founded the library of Alexandria. If you’re a bibliophile whose looking for the ultimate bookshelf to display and showcase your prized books, then the Ptolomeo Bookshelf is the furniture piece for you!