Mini automatic OTF knife is loaded with satisfying features in a pocket-sized package

Whether you fancy yourself as an outdoors person or not, there will always come a time when you wish you had something sharp with you to cut or pierce things. Foldable scissors are a dime a dozen, and most of them are terrible for what they’re meant to do. That’s not even considering how they’re not exactly useful in instances where you need a knife to get the job done. Just like many tools that you can put in your bag or even your pocket, you often have to make a choice between power and size, settling for compromises to hit the right spot. Fortunately, that’s now a thing of the past with this mini automatic knife that cuts through your problems like a miniature sword that’s small enough to fit on your keyring.

Designer: Tekto Design

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You’d be forgiven if you mistook the Tekto A2 Badger for a toy at first glance. Its small body is only 3.3 inches long when the blade is retracted and is still a short 5.26 inches when the Out-The-Front (OTF) blade is out. It only weighs 62g (2.18oz), and the way the blade swiftly ejects and retracts gives such a satisfying feeling that you might want to always have it in your hand. Make no mistake, this is no plaything, and it’s designed to be a powerful weapon against any and all outdoor or DIY troubles. Small but terrible definitely comes to mind, but in a very good way.

Compact & Lightweight – The A2 Badger is both easy to store and transport, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and those with limited space.

The short 1.85-inch blade is not only made from durable and anti-corrosive Titanium-Coated D2 steel, it is also designed with an American Tanto edge. This sword-like design means there are two cutting planes, one horizontal and one vertical, at an angle, giving you more versatility than a single curved edge that most pocket knives use. It has a distinctive black matte coating, so you never get blinded by reflections. It also makes the blade look handsome, perfectly complimenting its equally distinctive handle. The size also makes it “California Legal” for those who need to take or use the A2 Badger there.

Oversized Lanyard Hole – The design accommodates larger cords and paracords. This enhances convenience and accessibility, especially in low-light conditions or when wearing gloves, making it an ideal tool for any situation.

Contoured Button – Its precisely contoured button allows for fast and effortless ejection and retraction of the blade.

That handle has grooves running across almost all of its body, delivering a better grip no matter how you hold the knife. The asymmetrical button isn’t just for show either, making it easier to eject and retract the blade thanks to its larger surface area and steeper slope for the finger to land on. The handle is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, making it durable yet lightweight, perfect for taking it anywhere and being prepared for any situation.

Despite all that power, the Tekto A2 Badger is also designed for convenience. An oversized lanyard lets you attach it to almost anything, from cords to paracords to keyrings. The ambidextrous pocket clip can be mounted on either side to accommodate right-handed and left-handed people. There’s even a glass breaker for emergencies. A mini automatic knife that packs power and handsome good looks in a small size is the perfect partner for all your adventures and missions, and the Tekto A2 Badger can be yours with a sweet 15% discount off its standard $139.99 price for Yanko Design readers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $139.99 (15% off and free FedEx 2 day shipping with Coupon Code “YANKO15”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!