Classy titanium EDC pocket knife has a magnet-embedded split handle design and a Tanto-style blade

With a design that ticks all the right boxes, the MagBlade is minimal, expressive, functional, tactile, and has a fidget-like quality that’ll make your eyes and hands fall in love with it. Besides, it comes made with a titanium handle, which feels incredibly cool to the touch, and can practically last forever.

Rightfully dubbed the world’s most satisfying knife, the MagBlade, is a delightful EDC with a contemporary design that still manages to be supremely functional. It comes with an American Tanto-style m390 steel blade, which sits comfortably in the MagBlade’s pièce de résistance, its handle. CNC machined out of Grade-5 Titanium, the MagBlade’s handle exists in two parts, with a pivot at one end and two magnets at another. The two halves swivel open to reveal the blade, which comes sliding out before the handles reconnect magnetically, sort of like a butterfly knife but with a modern twist.

Designer: Daily Carry Co.

The opening of the MagBlade feels like choreography, more than just a functional feature on the pocket knife. It isn’t as mechanical as a quick-deploy knife, or as laborious as your manual flipper. Opening the MagBlade has its flair, almost like a trickshot, with the blade locking into its open position so it doesn’t swivel backward to hit your palm. With a few hours of practice, it becomes second nature, and you can easily deploy the MagBlade with a single hand, closing it with one hand too.

The MagBlade measures a mere 100mm (3.9 inches) when closed, opening to reveal a 70mm-long blade (2.7 inches) with an American Tanto-style double-edge. This gives you a knife that’s perfect for cutting, slicing, piercing, whittling, and doing a bunch of other outdoor or indoor tasks. The entire EDC weighs a mere 95 grams, and measures 11mm in thickness, making it the perfect compact carry for pretty much any setting. The sandblasted titanium outer handle makes it a perfect piece of tabletop jewelry, adding to any stationery or EDC kit you or your kids will ever own… because you can rest assured that the MagBlade should easily last long enough to become an ancestral hand-me-down.

The MagBlade is up for pre-order on the Daily Carry Co.’s website, for a price of $199 and a limited edition run of just 200 units. It’s estimated to ship as early as April 2023, and comes with a 1-year warranty although it should last much longer!