Beautiful messaging display creates a delightful way to connect with family and colleagues

As convenient and as empowering as smartphones may be, they have also become the source of some of modern life’s social and psychological ills. They break down geographical barriers and easily connect us with people around the world, but they ironically also isolate us from persons who are just right across the room. Large smart displays are starting to appear on our walls, serving to increase both the efficiency as well as the separation in our lives at home and in the workplace. Fortunately, these are not the only ways we can communicate with one another, even from afar, and that’s where Vestaboard comes in, a striking one-of-a-kind messaging display that offers an alternative that is simpler, more memorable, and, most importantly, more engaging.

Designers: Faiza Moore & Fred Bould

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The magic of split-flap signage has long been relegated to industrial or transportation use due to its size and cost, but it remains an interesting way to get the message across. There’s just something mesmerizing about seeing those flaps shuffled to the right character or number, as well as hearing the distinct sound that they produce. It has that distinct retro charm that is all the rave these days, but, more importantly, it creates a more personal and more engaging atmosphere than even the prettiest colored graphics on a regular smart display.

Vestaboard offers 6 rows of 22 split-flap character units that can each display letters, numbers, symbols, and all the colors of a rainbow. That gives you a total of 132 “bits” that you can from a mobile app or from the Web, allowing you to easily send messages to anyone at home or in the office, even if you’re half a world away. You can show inspirational quotes, personalized messages, reminders, to-do lists, schedules, and more. You can even try creating patterns or low-res graphics reminiscent of the 8-bit graphics of old. And while you will definitely find it fun and inspiring to craft those messages, those on the receiving end will also enjoy seeing the display change in real-time as well.

Although 132 “characters” might feel limiting, it can actually make your creativity really shine through by wisely using every single bit available. Or you can select from messages made and shared by Vestaboard’s passionate community. The Vestaboard+ paid subscription even lets you hook it up with Google Calendar, Spotify, Sonos, or major league sports, just to name a few, to automate the messages you can put up for everyone to see. It might be an optional service, but it definitely gives Vestaboard an upgrade that makes it a more personal and personalized experience than any smart home assistant or display.

Technology should help make human lives easier, but not at the expense of cutting them off from their loved ones. Yes, you can send out a short instant message in a flash, but nothing creates more impact than that same message delivered in an eye-catching and spectacular manner. With a rapid split-flap movement and a fluttering sound, your messages of love and motivation will last longer in people’s minds, even long after the message has gone. Why settle for an ordinary text message when you can have the same delivered in a more thoughtful and engaging way with the beautiful Vestaboard messaging display.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2,995 $3,295 ($300 off with coupon code “YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!