This intelligent pool cleaner creates an ultrasonic map of your swimming pool and cleans its floor, walls, and stairs

“The advantage of using a robotic pool cleaner is that it does a far better job than a human, given that it actually works INSIDE the water instead of cleaning it from the outside.”

With three ultrasonic radars and a 250W suction motor, the Degrii Zima Pro is like a Roomba for your swimming pool. It creates a 3D map of your entire pool, intelligently plotting the best path to cover its entire area just the way a robot vacuum does. With a clever design that splits the cleaner into two parts – a submersible cleaning unit and a floating battery unit – the Degrii Zima Pro effectively traverses every corner of your pool, picking up dirt and debris from the floor of your pool while also scrubbing its walls and steps and purifying the pool water too.

Designer: Degrii Design

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Designed to work with practically any pool regardless of its shape or size, the Degrii Zima Pro is a sophisticated little device that takes the human effort out of pool cleaning. Whether it’s grime, slime, or just dried leaves, the Degrii Zima Pro gets the work done without human intervention (and will even clean while you’re in the pool!) It starts by scanning your pool in 3D and plotting all its surfaces. Once it has a 3D model of your pool, it then decides the optimal way to cover it entirely, cleaning every inch. Set it to work remotely, or control it like you would an underwater RC toy, and the Degrii Zima Pro vacuum cleans and scrubs your pool, covering even the stairs, the tanning area, and the shallow baby-pool if you’ve got one.

Cordless Design – Zima Pro uses a supercharged floating 10,000mAH battery that powers its cleaning missions for deeper, longer cleans.

The Degrii Zima Pro’s split-body design comprises two parts – a floating 10,000mAh battery that powers the cleaner and acts as the WiFi hub for the device (creating a stronger WiFi connection since it’s not underwater), and the cleaner itself, which comes with industry-leading ultrasonic radars, a 250W brushless pump, and 6.5 liter dual-filter baskets that collect dirt, grime, leaves lying around in your pool. The massive battery gives the Degrii Zima Pro 3.5-hours of use, allowing it to cover, 5000 square feet of area in one single charge, and the powerful suction pump works on a variety of surfaces, including tiled, vinyl, fiberglass, plaster, and aggregate surfaces. It also provides a distinct advantage by being split from the cleaner’s design – aside from general safety (because batteries in chlorinated water can be hazardous), a split battery allows the Degrii Zima Pro to have a larger battery unit (so more run time) while keeping the cleaning unit relatively light, so it can be lifted out of the water with ease. It also makes accessing and replacing the battery easier. The cleaning unit’s large wheels help it overcome any kind of obstacles, and a built-in water purification unit also allows it to actively purify your pool water, making the water crystal clear.

Ultrasonic Radar for your Most Precise Clean – Industry-leading ultrasonic radars analyzes the terrain and shape of your pool before every cleaning session.

No Obstacle Can Stand in Zima’s Way – With the help of advanced ultrasonic radars, Zima Pro can easily detect and avoid obstacles like rocks and stones.

Superb 250W Suction – Sucks up everything from the big stuff, like rocks (up to 1.2’’) and leaves (up to 5.1’’), to the little stuff like particles of dirt as small as 180 µm.

Simple Water Purification – Fit Zima Pro with an active charcoal pack to absorb fine dirt and eliminate odors.

From the Floors to the Walls – Zima Pro’s 250W engine gives it the strength to climb up slopes, pool stairs, and walls with ease – for fully-comprehensive clean in just one pass.

Effortless Pool Maintenance with the App – Check Zima Pro’s cleaning progress, battery level, and let Zima Pro know when it’s time to climb out of the pool with just a tap of your finger.

If you’ve ever seen the thousands of pool cleaning videos on the internet, you know what an absolute task it is for a human to clean every inch of a pool. You need to drain the water, wear appropriate clothing, bring out the solvents and chemicals, scrub every inch, wipe the entire pool clean, and then add the water back. The alternative that Degrii Zima Pro promises is as easy as hitting a button on your phone and having a robot do the job for you without rendering your pool unusable. The Degrii Zima Pro simply traverses your pool autonomously at the push of a button, picking up everything from the big stuff, like rocks (up to 1.2’’) and leaves (up to 5.1’’), to the little stuff like particles of dirt as small as 180 µm. The wheels on the Degrii Zima Pro allow it to move around on the pool floor, as well as climb stairs and walls. The device even cleans the scum that collects around the edges of your pool at the waterline, and runs all the water through an activated charcoal pack to absorb fine dirt and eliminate odors. Once you’re done, cleaning the insides of the device is as easy as removing the dual-filter baskets and hosing them down to wash the dirt and debris off. Put them back and you’re good for the next time you need to clean the pool.

Parks Itself – Zima Pro is smart enough to park itself at the wall of your pool whenever it’s done cleaning — or the battery dips below 10%.

Out With One Click – When you press the ‘Lift’ button, Zima Pro clambers up the nearest wall and will wait patiently for you for 5 minutes.

Setting up your Degrii Zima Pro is as simple as dropping it into the pool and firing up the app. The cleaning unit immediately maps its way around your pool, tugging the floating battery pack with it wherever it goes. The app gives you a real-time status report of your pool-cleaning routine, and even allows you to remotely control the Degrii Zima Pro device manually to cover certain areas where there’s more dirt than usual. When the battery runs out or the cleaning is completed, the Degrii Zima Pro cleverly travels to the closest wall/edge of the pool and parks itself, so you can fish it out without resorting to poles or jumping in. Besides, at its discounted price of $599, the Degrii Zima Pro works out much cheaper than actually hiring a pool-cleaner, and does a more thorough job too!

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $999 (40% off). Hurry, only 17/200 left! Raised over $180,000.