A veteran designed this compact all-in-one multitool to be an incredibly versatile tactical EDC

It looks like your average pocket knife, but the CRKT Septimo Multi-Tool cleverly gives you much more than just a flipper blade. Designed to be a combination of compact, ergonomic, and feature-rich, this handy little critter was designed by Jeremy Valdez, a veteran of the 7th Special Forces Group. Modeled after his vision of the ideal EDC multitool, the Septimo (Spanish for ‘Seventh’) has a fold-out 2.86-inch long American Tanto blade with a liner-lock mechanism, a bottle opener, a flathead + Phillips head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and finally a glass-breaker tip for getting out of sticky situations. Finally, a pocket clip lets you carry your Septimo Multi-Tool around, keeping it always at arm’s length for practically every situation where you’ll need yourself a handy EDC.

Designer: Jeremy Valdez for CRKT

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The Septimo’s design isn’t arbitrary. It comes from a place of experience – the kind that Valdez wouldn’t wish on anyone. During a combat operation in Afghanistan in 2009, Valdez was involved in a helicopter crash. In the chaotic aftermath, he found his EDC folding knife of choice failing rather miserably at real-world applications that involved cutting straps/harnesses, prying apart fuselage, and moving debris to help extract his fellow soldiers from the blazing, mangled chopper wreckage. This single incident set him on a path to design the ideal tactical EDC that could be used by pretty much anyone. The Septimo Multi-Tool was crafted as a tribute to his fallen brothers and sisters in arms, with a design versatile enough to get you out of any mess. The high-friction grip and desert-proof oxide finish would also help the Septimo serve loyally even in extreme conditions.

With its tactical black aesthetic, the Septimo Multi-Tool measures 4.77 inches in length and weighs 4.4 ounces (124 grams), making it both compact and lightweight, yet cleverly versatile for all sorts of scenarios. The American Tanto blade comes with a dual-edge design that’s perfect for cutting and piercing, and a Veff™ serration located near the end of the blade provides a hooking point that’s perfect for cutting through paracords, seatbelts, etc. The 8Cr13MoV steel blade comes with the same black finish as the rest of the multitool, boasting an oxidized layer that acts as an anti-corrosive.

The rest of the tools are cleverly integrated into the Septimo’s handle. The handle itself is made from aluminum with glass-reinforced Nylon inlay plates for high grip and durability. The aluminum ‘chassis’ of the Septimo comes with a bottle-opener built into its profile, working also as a thumb-grip when you’re using the knife, and right beside it is a hexagonal slot for docking S2 bits to turn your Septimo into a screwdriver that docks flathead and Phillips Head bits.

By far the most innovative bit of this multitool is the tiny-yet-practical adjustable wrench built into the back of the handle. Armed with a moveable jaw that’s operated by a thumb-screw, this compact wrench is just as handy and useful as its larger sibling, but fits right in your pocket and works perfectly for smaller Hex bits, bolts, and nuts. The Septimo ends with a final flair by integrating a glass-breaker tip at the end of its handle, making it perfect for striking down on toughened glass to instantly shatter it for a quick getaway in an emergency.

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