At the zero hour, this 2000 lumen LED flashlight & powerbank combo will help you survive any situation

Designed to look like it means business, the ZEROHOUR RELIC XR2 sits in a Venn-intersection of convenient and outright badass. Its tactical design goes to show that it isn’t for the weak-hearted who would rather rely on their phone’s flashlight, and its ability to be bike or gear-mounted means you can use the flashlight hands-free.

The ZEROHOUR RELIC XR2 comes with a powerful 2000 lumen LED flashlight on the front that’s capable of a beam length of 600 meters, and a variable control ring that allows you to change its intensity based on your need. The flashlight even lets you toggle a Blink-mode for alerting people or marking your location, as well as a Strobe-mode that’s perfect for neutralizing any threats while outdoors by temporarily stunning or blinding them.

The ZEROHOUR RELIC XR2’s flashlight is powered by a pretty hefty 3,100 mAh battery that gives the flashlight a run-time of 1.2 hours on full brightness. Aside from just powering the flashlight, however, the internal battery can be used as a power-bank too, combining your tactical needs with your technological requirements. A Type-C port allows you to charge the power-bank, as well as your devices, and the 18650 high-drain 20A IMR battery on the inside is capable of juicing your phone, earphones, or even outdoor accessories like action-cameras.

Palm-sized yet powerful, the ZEROHOUR RELIC XR2 comes with a design that matches its do-or-die personality. Machined from aluminum, with a hard-anodized coating, the Relic XR-2 is impact-resistant, as well as IPX8 waterproof, so the torch can go everywhere you can, and can perform in even the roughest of conditions without breaking a sweat!

Designer: ZEROHOUR

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This 2,000 Lumen LED tactical flashlight with rechargeable USB Type C powerbank charges Android & iPhone. Bike mountable and waterproof.

Tactical-Grade Compact Flashlight

Constructed with aircraft aluminum and achieving an incredible 2,000 lumen output with the Cree XHP35 High Intensity LED, XR2 doubles the luminosity of the original and continues ZEROHOUR’s dedication to best-in-class design materials.

Featuring a variable control ring that allows maximum flexibility in choosing brightness from 0 to 2000 lumens, plus the option to click into XR2’s preset modes (10 lumens, 2000 lumens, Blink, and Strobe).

Included USB-C to USB-A adapter cable

USB Type-C Rechargeable Portable Charger

Keep ZEROHOUR XR2 with you wherever you go for that extra boost of backup power: its Samsung 3,100mAh 20A high-drain IMR battery provides at least a full charge for your smartphones and cameras. Simply untwist the waterproof center ring for easy access to the upgraded 2 Amp USB-C port to charge your USB devices and to recharge the flashlight all from a single port. XR2 works with all USB-C devices but if you haven’t switched to USB-C yet, no worries! The team are throwing in a USB-C to USB-A adapter cable for backward compatibility with all your standard USB chargers, cables, and devices.

Why USB Type-C?

USB-C (USB Type-C) features a new, smaller connector shape that’s reversible so it’s easier to plug in. USB-C cables can carry significantly more power, so they can be used to charge larger devices. USB-C provides plenty to like. It’s reversible, so you’ll no longer have to flip the connector around a minimum of three times looking for the correct orientation.

It’s a single USB connector shape that all devices will adopt in the future, so you won’t have to keep loads of different USB cables with different connector shapes for your various devices in the future. And you’ll have no more massive ports taking up an unnecessary amount of room on ever-thinner devices.

Versatile Design

It has been no small endeavor to integrate an LED this powerful with a top quality high-drain battery, and then route that power to your portable charger. Packing all this energy into the original XR’s patented design, ZEROHOUR XR2 incorporates a tail-cap switch with momentary-on click setting, anti-roll ring, removable clip, and replaceable stainless steel head bezel. XR2 is highly adaptable to your needs, fits standard 1” bike mounts, weapon mounts, or belt holsters, and is easy to tuck away in your backpack, purse, or pocket.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, on the go or on the job, ready for adventure or just keeping safe, XR2 is the perfect choice to power and light your way.

Flashlight Function

Built with the latest game-changing Cree XLamp XHP35, a high-intensity LED that radically reduces the optical source size and power required to achieve its 2,000 lumen output. XR2 shines dangerously bright, providing plenty of confidence and security for its size and weight.

Below: Mode Overview

Triple Output: Press the tail-cap half way for momentary-on at 10 lumens. Fully click for constant-on at 10 lumens. Click twice more within two seconds to jump to high (2000 lumens), click twice again for strobe.

Stand-by/USB-C: From position one, turn one-click clockwise to set to stand-by. This activates the USB-C ports, which can be used to recharge XR2 or send power from the powerbank to your devices.

Variable Brightness: This next setting allows you to select any desired brightness from 0 to 2000 lumens. Click the control ring clockwise from stand-by, and slowly turn to adjust brightness.

*NEW MODE* Blink/Beacon: Great for hiking, biking, jogging, or to signal your location. This setting helps you be seen at night by blinking at 2000 lumens.

Self-defense Strobe: The final click clockwise activates strobe, a non-lethal self-defense feature. This 2000 lumen strobe can temporarily blind an assailant, which can be followed up with a strike from the stainless steel bezel (either head or tail side) to neutralize your threat.

Portable Power: USB-C Powerbank Feature

Simply plug your device into ZEROHOUR’s USB Type-C port to charge most electronic devices including mobile smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras, portable speakers and many Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can charge practically any USB device using our supplied USB-C to USB-A adapter cable and any USB charging cable (e.g. Apple Lightning, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, etc.)


One 18650 high-drain 20A IMR battery provides 3,100 mAh of power (1-2 full charges) for most smart devices. The quality, trusted brand-name battery cells are manufactured by Samsung. ZEROHOUR XR2 can be used to charge any rechargeable mobile USB device. Here is a list of popular mobile devices and their battery capacities:

– Samsung S8+: 3500mAh
– iPhone X: 2716mAh
– HUAWEI P20: 3400mAh
– GoPro HERO7: 1220mAh
– Google Pixel: 3520mAh
– Sony: 3000mAh
– LG: 3000mAh

Recharging Your XR2

Recharge your ZEROHOUR using the USB-C port, supplied USB-C to USB-A cable, and/or any standard USB-C AC wall or USB-C computer/laptop port. While recharging your flashlight, if the power goes out at home while XR2 is plugged into an outlet, relax! The flashlight will go into BREATHE mode, glowing off and on until you locate it.

Lumens Comparison

Beam Throw Comparison

Below: Specifications

– CREE XHP35 High Intensity LED Emitter
– Maximum 2000 lumens output
– Self-defense Strobe
– Breathe beacon mode
– 18650 20A high-drain rechargeable battery
– Removable stainless steel head
– Large tail-cap holes for paracord support
– LED battery indicator
– Deep grooves for enhanced gripping
– MIL-A-8625, Type III, Hard-anodized
– USB Type-C rechargeable
– Serial Number for Product Registration & Warranty
– RoHS CE Certifiable

Each ZeroHour XR2 Set includes the flashlight, 18650 20A high-drain battery, USB Type-C adapter cable, user guide, and a 3 year limited lifetime warranty.


– Low (25 lumens) ~ 100 hours
– High (2000 lumens) ~ 1.2 hours (with overheat protection circuit)
– Variable brightness ~ Variable

*XR2 will feature an overheat protection circuit which will step down to 1,000 lumens. Prototype run-times above are estimates.

Functional prototype parts


ZEROHOUR XR2’s sleek yet rugged enclosure withstands extreme conditions, delivers emergency power to your devices with its integrated portable charger, and can be easily taken apart to change and replace components.

Here are the latest vector models/drawings.

CAD models

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