This 43-inch screen laptop defies portability, proving bigger is not always better

While most of us purchase a laptop for its portability, on the other end of the spectrum, efforts are being made to create a computing machine that is a behemoth. Just for the sake of creating such a gadget or you can say, going by the notion “bigger is better.”

We saw a humungous 17.3-inch display laptop by Lenovo at CES 2023 with an eye-popping 21-10 ultra-wide aspect ratio. Even Razer created an 18-inch screen lappy recently.  If that’s not huge enough, rewind your memories back to the year 2017 when Acer introduced us all to a 21-inch laptop.

Designer: Evan and Katelyn

Minisculing all of them is this DIY laptop which should claim the tag of being the world’s largest laptop ever. It has a 43-inch display which should put even your desktop setup to shame. This custom build is the work of YouTube creators Evan and Katelyn, who’s bloated up the perception of the visual world we are accustomed to. Yes, this laptop is by no means portable, and nowhere near lightweight weighing 100 pounds. In fact, this custom build is something straight out of the Gulliver’s world.

A laptop this big should and could sandwich your hands if you are careless in closing the lid. Reason enough for the duo to incorporate robust metal rails to create the industrial-strength hinge. This raises, lowers, or even locks the screen in the desired position courtesy of adjustable tension levers. A laptop such big requires a keypad and trackpad to match the gigantic looks, hence, an oversized Redragon K605 mechanical keyboard and a touchpad the size of a normal laptop are used. Even though the Redragon K605 is a monstrous keyboard in its own right, here even it looks minuscule.

On the inside, the huge laptop gets an Intel NUC 11 mini desktop computer, so high-end gaming is out of the question. A laptop of this size requires tons of power to function portably. Therefore, the duo has fitted massive 150W batteries to supply power for the big screen, mini PC, and the other installed hardware. To polish things off, they installed RGB LED lighting on all sides, and the final build looks impressive considering the DIYers have not tried out such geeky creations in the past. The only thing needed to certify this as the world’s biggest laptop is a visit from the Guinness World Records team to make everything official.