This minimal + dynamic armchair is perfect to cozy up and unwind on after a long day at work

We often underestimate the importance of a great armchair, especially in our living rooms. When in reality, we shouldn’t. The right armchair not only serves as a comfy and ergonomic seating option but also adds a certain depth of character and personality to the living room. An excellent armchair functions as the perfect spot to lounge about, have a snack, and or chill on while interacting with your family and friends. And one such innovative and unique armchair I recently came across is the Kiss Chair.

Designer: Miray Özlem ER

Designed by Miray Özlem ER, the Kiss Chair is inspired by “organic movements”. The chair has a rather dynamic and free-flowing form, even though it has been crafted using plywood. The main frame of the chair was built using plywood, while a padded fabric is added to it, to provide protection and a sense of comfort. The upper section of the chair features an interesting cavity, which serves as a cozy space for the user to lie down and relax in. As soon as you lie down on the chair, you are instantly cocooned and protected by it. The chair’s comforting and innovative form shelters you, surrounding your body and allowing you to unwind.

The Kiss Chair is great to settle down in after a long day at work, as it helps you alleviate the tiredness and stress that daily life brings with it. If you’re wondering why the chair is called Kiss, well that’s because of the body of the product. The upper and lower section of the chair seems to meet in the middle, giving the impression that they are effortlessly and subtly kissing one another. It’s almost as if the two halves are brushing against one another, much like the way lovers brush their lips together.

The aesthetics of the Kiss Chair are warm and inviting. The timber frame is perfectly complemented by the off-white padded fabric, creating a visual aesthetic that is warm, minimal, and soft. It’s a kind of neutral yet bold furniture piece that would harmoniously merge with the interiors of any kind of living space. At the moment, it seems like the Kiss Chair is a concept, but I would definitely love to see it become a reality!