Minimal pet tracker lets you keep an eye on your fur babies at home

I am not a pet person (fishes are the closest thing I’ve come to having pets) but I’m around a lot of cat and dog people to know something about them. One constant thing I hear is that it’s pretty hard for them to leave their furry kids at home. Sure, the pets will probably survive the whole day just staying at home without their fur parents, but there’s the ever-present worry of whether they’re eating well, sleeping, or doing the other habits that you want them to maintain.

Designer: Zeynep Emiroğlu

This concept for a pet tracker may help ease those worries and make sure that your pets are well and safe while you’re away during the day or for a longer period of time. It looks pretty much like a regular dog or cat collar but is able to do more than just be an identification for your fur baby. It’s more like an activity tracker but instead of telling you how many steps you’ve taken, it gives you insight into your pet’s activity. It is partnered with the PawMate Beacon which you place in certain areas to help in activity tracking.

The PawMate has a rubber attachment and a silicone cover which makes it not so uncomfortable for your pet to wear the whole day. It has LED lights that tell you when it needs charging or when it’s fully juiced. The Beacons meanwhile are placed in areas like where they eat or where they play or near doors or windows so you’ll have an approximation of what activities they are currently doing. There’s an accompanying app that lets you enter your pet details and gives you stats and insights as well as real-time data.

This might seem overkill for some but those who think that may not be pet owners or haven’t experienced the anxiety of having a pet at home. It’s a pretty neat concept that doesn’t seem to be too much of an annoyance for aforementioned pets, at least on paper. Now whether they will be able to keep it on the entire time is another matter altogether.