Dumbbells With Strings Attached

The ReCoil is a workout system where you can train with plain dumbbells or up the act with resistant bands. The bands are cleverly coiled up inside each pod so that you can use them in various stances and have a totally customized workout. The pods are detachable and can be screwed onto the specially designed dumbbell or curl bar. I almost forgot, the resistant bands are color-coded and offer different levels of resistance. Superb!

The ReCoil is a 2011 IDEA Awards entry.

Designer: Emron Jackson Henry and Professor Bryan Howell


  • John McGowan says:

    nice sketches

  • Awesome Idea dude !
    Keep it up!! looks very good in style and function…

  • Maryline says:

    This is a good idea. It’s like two equipments in one, the dumbell and the resistence cord. And it makes the dumbell more interesting and functional.

  • Ray says:

    Does no one else see how attaching a strong rubber band to a heavy weight would be a bad idea?

  • Johnny says:

    Just the two of us, Ray.

  • Emron says:

    Actually, attaching a strong rubber band to a heavy weight is a relatively common weight lifting technique. The combination of the heavy weight plus the resistance band works the muscles differently because the load changes from a lower resistance to a higher resistance during the workout. Power lifters use resistance bands in combination with heavy weight because it helps to build explosiveness and power. Also, the initial inspiration for this product came when I interviewed a man during his workout and he used a resistance band in combination with his two 20 lb dumbbells. He said,”It’s a great way to quickly and cheaply add resistance to an existing weight without having to buy a set of 25’s, 30’s and 40’s at around a dollar a pound.”

    With all that aside, this concept product would only weigh about 5 to 7 lbs at the most with both pods attached. (The handle would be solid metal) So it’s more like attaching a strong rubber band to a light weight. The screw on pods would be light considering they are comprised of plastic, one metal plate, and the coiled up resistance band.

  • 蔡箐 says:


  • ぱははへ says:

    Love the designs and colors, Laura! You’ve been adding and redesigning a lot of collections, they are all great! Congrats!

  • raf says:

    Good Work ı lıke youre sites thanks

  • arşiv rafı says:

    Dubbuls ? This is İDabbuls 🙂 super

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