Sleek custom triple-screen Framework Laptop uses 4K 120Hz display in the middle with iPad screens on either side

There are some perks of DIYing your own computing rig. You can have the innards of choice tethered to a display and selected peripherals to go with it. YouTuber DIY Perks is taking this to a new level for the population of nerds who’ve been reeling under the bulk of multi-display laptops or lack of screen real estate on the slimmer notebooks.

DIY Perks has been amid some of the fanciest hacks. The engineer-turned-YouTuber has transformed an Android smartphone into a functional Windows laptop and even built a super slip, water-cooled PlayStation 5. Not resting on his past laurels, he’s back with another strange DIY creation: a triple-screen laptop.

Designer: DIY Perks

Adding multi-screen capability to a laptop has been tricky for many who’ve got their hands dirty in trying to deliver such a form factor. The ergonomics of a laptop are just not very supportive of this form factor and the result has generally been bulky and little convenient on the portable front.

Realizing the amount of bulk similar sized screens – on either side of the main laptop display – add to the structure; the modder here has used two iPad Retina displays in portrait mode. This reduces the fluff on the back and helps protect the screen more effectively.

For the triple-screen laptop build, the DIYer has used a 4K 120Hz panel in the center, with the two iPad displays on either side. Powered by onboard DisyplayPort cable modified to provide enough power to run the screens. The entire contraption is powered by a customizable motherboard from a Framework Laptop, which has been specifically engineered for the modded system.

After assembly of the innards, paired with the screens, the whole thing is neatly packed within a 3D printed housing topped with a specially printed gradient finish for an attractive look. Clipped to a pair of foldable legs, this display system can be used as a triple-screen setup with peripherals of choice. Though the credibility of this build to be passed as a laptop is meager; it is portable enough to carry as a laptop. Steady it on its stand, pair it with the keyboard and mouse you like and you have a worthy computing rig on demand.