Beautifying The Han

River Han winds its way through Seoul and poses a pretty picture. I’m sure a stroll along its banks will be pleasant and refreshing, but designer Kyung Kuk Kim (he’s a resident of Seoul) feels, Han can be beautified in a very inviting and eco-friendly way. He proposes the installation of Wind Lamps on the underbelly of the bridge, across the river. These vertical lamps are fitted with a specialized wind-harnessing generator that powers the LEDs within.

Besides powering the in-built LEDS, the generators collectively have enough capacity to source and power other street lamps and essentials on the bridge. I must say, it’s quite a neat idea that beautifies the city and doesn’t burden the resources.

Designer: Kyung Kuk Kim

Wind Lamp by Kyung Kuk Kim





  • mif991 says:

    I appreciate the thought process of this one. The lamp is beautiful and looks like it would work. But I have my reservations as to the actual output of light and its efficiency after all the grime and bird pup gets in the fixture, unless of course it has a bird zapper. I like it though.

  • Jacktang says:

    Impressive! I like the concept of coexistence of functionality and stylishness.

  • Daniel says:

    i dont think it will work. firstly why does the light need to be under the bridge, cause people dont walk on water and dangling under a bridge would only hinder the boats trying to get under the bridge. also what would the environmental impact be on the fish underneath the bridge when exposed to a constant light source. the wind idea is good but the energy needs to be used elsewhere.

  • Wadim says:

    Very Good!!!

  • ADD says:

    nice concept..

  • epierotto says:

    This is a good piece of design!! good job.

  • venati says:

    good piece of accessories..
    ‘beautifully’ thought, but then, what’s the main purpose of placing it under the bridge?
    but it’s nice looking concept..=) cheers

  • yateesh says:

    wow superb idea
    love the eco-friendly concept
    i would love to have a couple of these in my patio and terrace!

  • Dzianis says:

    are there any changes since the time it was announced…is it possible to get some for use?

  • Dzianis says:

    are there any changes since the time it was announced…is it possible to get some for use?

  • Iph4x says:

    I love the Idea, its a great concept for GREEN building design and is exceptionally well for landscape lighting…
    Try to use a hellical shape, the fan blades could be neon tubes or led fixtures..
    Good one

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