Finally a voice-absorbing mask that lets you take calls in public “privately”

One of my pet peeves is people who take calls in public and talk noisily to whoever it is who’s calling. I don’t need to know your business whether it’s personal or actual business. But of course, there are times when it’s necessary that they take calls and they can’t find a quiet place to conduct their conversation. Earphones and headphones help reduce the annoyance but there needs to be another device to help protect noise levels and privacy.

Designer: PriestmanGoode

The voice-absorbing mask is now almost a reality as PriestmanGoode partnered with a French company called Skyted to add a jet engine silencer to it, albeit a miniaturised version. This way, the mask helps the user make calls without disturbing other people around them and also protect their privacy, especially in public areas. The mask also silences the noise around the caller, making it seem like you’re in a private room talking to each other.

The mask is also designed to be comfortable for the user, using an airflow system that is influenced by a jet engine as well. They also want to use materials that will not cause the device to overheat when used for a long time. It also has a shape design that adapts to the “recognizable” form of its user, whatever the shape or size of the face may be. They are also planning to use recycled and sustainable materials for the final product that will be available for commercial purchase.

There will be two versions of the voice-absorbing mask available when it launches on Kickstarter around March 2023. One is meant to be for business people or those who are working outside and need to take calls in public. The other one is a gamer version for those who’re playing in computer shops or in public places as well. The former will cost around $400 while the latter will be priced around $500 and will have a higher resonator volume.