Luggage concept lets you bring it as carry-on and through all terrains

Now that almost everybody who can afford to is doing all sorts of revenge travel, some may be looking for more luggage items to add to their collection or to replace those that remain unused for two years. If you’re looking for something that can be used as a carry on and also something that can be used in various terrains if you’re planning some outdoor travel, that can be a difficult proposition. There are probably not a lot that can be both but now we have a concept for it.

Designer: Ivan Zhurba

The Allover is a concept for a carry on bag that aims to be the first bag that can be used on all terrains and also brought on planes. You should be able to use it on sand, gravel, mountains, and other terrains because it has big enough wheels to move through them with the “DeLorean” of wheels transformation as well as a high clearance. At the same time, you should be able to use it on various daily, tourism activities including going on and off planes with your carry-on luggage. It has been designed to meet the requirements of most air carriers so you can bring it on the plane.

The luggage is also eco-friendly as it uses recycled plastics for its main body. It uses a spiral mechanism so that it won’t use up so much inner space and also be hidden. When the user drags the handle towards themselves, the inner spiral turns and the wheels are sliding to the side. The design makes it look like a kids’ wagon but instead of having an open one, you get a luggage that you can pull around through the airport and through the mountains.

The recycled plastics give off a Terrazzo effect so the luggage has a texture that not only gives off a camouflage feel. It also protects the bags from scratches and other drops and drags that the bags experience whether at the airport and also in the various terrains that you’ll bring it to.