Literally a bulletproof travel-lock!

Even Thor’s hammer, the Mjolinr, is breakable, but the Ottolock isn’t! While most bike locks or travel locks are made from metal (making them somewhat reliable, but bulky), the Ottolock uses one of the most light yet powerful polymers known to man. Kevlar. The same material used in bulletproof vests, the Kevlar framework of the Ottolock allows it to be lightweight, but virtually indestructible. No amounts of strength can break apart the Ottolock and even cutting tools like shears, or padlock breaking equipment can cut through metal, but not the Ottolock. In fact, here, watch this video of a blowtorch try to melt the Ottolock and fail miserably!

The simple and immortal Ottolock comes in 3 outdoorsy colors, rolls up and fits in your pocket, and weighs under 115 grams. With the ability to lock anything from cycles, to doors, to even your travel gear, the Ottolock is a robber’s worst nightmare!

Designer: OTTO DesignWorks