Nike Mercurial Lite Superlock shin guards have special spikes overlaid to safely pierce sock fiber and lock in place

Modern-day footballers require slim, durable, and impact-diffusing shin guards to succeed on the pitch. The comfortable cushioning, durable shell, and lightweight design make the Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards the go-to contoured sleeve you can get to secure your shins and play unhindered.

Adding more substance to Nike’s already fascinating shin guards, a designer has fashioned the shin guards with geometric columns and webbing to replace the traditionally used foam. This makes the Nike Mercurial Lite Superlock shin guards more flexible and thicker in the middle. For a seamless fit, the guards are tapered toward the edges.

Designer: Matthew Blunt

The Lite Superlock is designed to minimize distraction on the field. This is made possible by the very unique spikes overlaid on the shin guards that safely pierce the sock fiber to lock the guards in place, while the fine curvature (thick to thin transition around the leg) ensures a comfortable fit.

The seamless fit means you enjoy durability and comfort without slowing your game down. Since the entire surface area of the Nike Mercurial Lite Superlock shin guards is covered with small spikes to hold it in place attaching firmly to the socks, they can be worn without the need for straps or sleeves.

Like you’d expect from any Mercurial shin guard from Nike, Matthew Blunt-designed Nike Mercurial shin guards also have a low profile and are meant for left/right fit. Even though the design is far from seeing the light of day, it does have the potential to find Nike’s design boards, especially for its spiked design. Everything looks good to me, but I am not very sure how the ball/foot hitting the shin will affect the spikes on the shin guard: will they hold shape and grip even on continuous impact?