Studio Casti conceives DrivePod, a racing simulator worthy of being setup in your living room

Push over the random black sim rig out of the window, it’s time for the DrivePod to make its way into your living room. We have been through tech-savvy racing simulators that make you better at driving or get you to race tracks you’ve never been to before, but they all look so random and are only worth a garage setup.

The cutting-edge design of the DrivePod coupled with top-notch engineering is going to put all of those run-of-the-mill setups to shame. Idealized to provide the rush of adrenaline you would experience in a real racing car; this professional-grade racing sim thrives on superior ergonomics, functionality, and an appearance to fall for.

Designer: Studio Casti

Studio Casti is a global design brand that has been blooming on its unparalleled craftsmanship. Its driving simulator is not ready for production yet, it only exists in renders, but its striking blue and champagne aesthetics make it irresistible at least for the motorhead in me.

Ideal for playing state-of-the-art racing games, the DrivePod is built around a champagne-colored metal frame housing a widescreen display and a steering column bursting out of the middle of the frame. All the innards to run the system are neatly packed into the frame, which is attached to a striking blue base featuring an adaptable bucket seat and the peddle setup.

The most interesting part about the base is the rails that allow the driver seat to slide back and forth to allow the driver to position it according to his comfort. To make things more compelling, the DrivePod can be made to order. So you can give your sim rig a makeover to your liking and enjoy F1-style speed driving in the comfort of your living room.