VR headset lets you read e-Ink books through its lenses like a Kindle

If you’re a true bookworm, you’ve experienced falling asleep with a book beside you, or at worst, falling on your face. That is pretty painful depending on how thick the book is but it’s even more painful when you’re reading on your Kindle or iPad. While a lot of the AR/VR devices we’re seeing are catered to gamers and other early adapters for new tech, there is also a market out there for voracious readers who are just waiting for the next big thing when it comes to digital products.

Designer: Sol Reader

We might still be in the early days of this prototype but we might see that gadget that we’re looking for with Sol Reader. This is a VR headset that can bring you into the world of the book that you’re currently reading. It functions like most virtual reality goggles that are currently in the market but instead of the head strap, you get a glasses frame which makes it ideal for when you’re reading in bed as wearing glasses is more comfortable than wearing full goggles.

The pancake lenses project the text through electronic paper so it’s more comfortable on the eyes. You can “turn the page” by clicking on a wireless remote that comes with the device so there’s no need to constantly tap your glasses or anything like that. And since e-Ink is pretty low energy, the battery life can last long and you only need to charge it after 30 hours of use. Since this is still a prototype, the screen resolution isn’t the best yet so there’s still room for improvement.

The prototype was on display during the recent Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas so there were some bookworms who were able to try it out. One of those is YouTuber Brad Lynch. The early verdict is that it’s light (under 100 grams) and comfortable enough so you can take it to bed with you even as the screen quality leaves something to be desired. The expected price for the Sol Reader is around $350 so it might be pretty steep at the current quality. Let’s see if they are able to meet the premium status when it launches later this year.