A rare Japanese wood is used to craft the new Audio Technica headphones

I love when designers experiment with materials and reimagine traditional forms with innovative elements. Wood is something commonly associated with furniture but is slowly seeping in as an expressive material everywhere from cars to tech. The latest gadget to catch my eye (well, ears) were Audio Technica’s ATH-AWKT Audiophile Wooden headphones which are crafted from a rare Japanese wood! Headphones/earphones have become crucial in quarantine if you share your space and I wouldn’t mind a wood (see what I did there?) upgrade to mine.

The ATH-AWKT Audiophile headphones are meant for design-minded audiophiles because they come with Audio-Technica’s superior sound and a sleek unconventional aesthetic thanks to the Japanese Kokutan (striped ebony) build. The interesting part is that the construction process is almost the same as what you will find in the manufacturing of woodwind instruments and pianos – kind of like a full-circle moment for music! The beauty of the wood will only deepen with age and no two headphones will be alike as the natural grain texture is retained in each of them. These beautiful headphones are made to emphasize the suppression of resonance and natural sound reproduction while balancing the highs, lows, and mid-tones to produce high-quality sound.

The headphones come with exclusive 53 mm drivers with highly efficient German Permendur magnetic circuitry that deliver precise audio with a wide sound field thanks to its two separate acoustic chambers. For the perfect over-ear fit, the arms are designed to be angled and lightweight using a highly rigid magnesium alloy. To up their game some more, the ATH-AWKT Audiophile headphones are fitted with plush, durable sheepskin earpads and headband – these headphones are smoother than I will ever be.

Designer: Audio Technica